3 Garage Door Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Garage door repair mistakes - Ohana Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair mistakes can be a danger to our loved ones and our cars. In fact, each year around 30,000 accidents are caused by garage doors.

If you are a DIYer, you may feel it’s okay to try and fix your garage doors yourself, and for minor repairs that’s true. However, when it comes to major repairs, you need to be aware of the dangers of doing it yourself.

To keep yourself and your family safe, keep reading to learn the top 3 mistakes that require garage door repair in Katy, TX.

1. Ignoring Problems for Too Long

Most people have garages and if your garage door has been grinding or squeaking for a while, it’s most likely damaged. With the busyness of our days, it’s easy to let these things slide and wait for eventual garage door replacement.

However, if you don’t address the situation quickly, it can end up becoming a more costly issue. For example, what can be a simple need for minor lubrication, if left ignored can ultimately lead to a worn motor problem or untimely spring repair.

You should always inspect the problem yourself first, however, if you are unable to find the source of the issue, give your local garage door repair company a call.

2. Not Using the Right Tools

You might have an impressive set of tools at home, but they may not be the right fit for garage door repair. You need to ensure you have professional garage repair tools in order to do a good job.

For example, if you use nails instead of screws, or use the wrong types of bolts, you could end up compromising the mechanics of your garage door.

Always read through the instruction manual for your door model when trying to make repairs. And if you don’t own the right tools, or you don’t feel confident fixing the problem, call your local garage repair specialist.

3. Not Keeping up With Maintenance

It’s often when the garage door stops working completely before a homeowner notices that anything is wrong. That’s why having regular garage door maintenance performed by a professional in garage door services once or twice a year is critical.

A professional repair team will ensure the springs, door, and automatic opener are safe and problem-free. If they do have any issues, they’ll be able to quickly fix them for you.

Life gets hectic and it’s easy to neglect your garage doors. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional team who can take care of any garage door installation or maintenance for you.

Avoid These Garage Door Repair Mistakes by Calling the Professionals

Even the best and most experienced DIYer can make mistakes when it comes to some of the trickier styles of garage doors. However, these garage door repair mistakes can end up costing you more money in the long run.

If you’ve attempted to repair your garage doors, and you feel you may have made one of these mistakes, then contact us today. We will help you diagnose the problem and get any garage door damage fixed quickly.

With years of experience fixing garage doors, we will have a solution perfect for you.

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