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5 Common Garage Door Problems That You Should Look Out For

Over 30,000 people suffer garage door injuries every year. This shocking statistic is among one of the reasons to look out for garage door problems.

One cause of these accidents is a DIY fix for a mechanical problem. Considering that most doors weigh hundreds of pounds and open and close every day, it’s no surprise that mechanical failure happens. Sometimes these failures can be dangerous, which is why vigilance and maintenance are so important.

Keep an eye out for these common garage door issues, and make sure to call a professional for repair.

1. The Door Is Loud

A noisy door is a red flag. It indicates that something is awry somewhere in the system. Different types of noise indicate different needs.

Grinding or squeaking indicates that the tracks or rollers need lubrication. Rattling indicates that hardware (like nuts and bolts) needs to be tightened or replaced. You can avoid both of these issues with regular maintenance.

A popping noise, however, may be a serious issue with the torsion springs. This is a dangerous part to DIY and requires professional garage door spring repair.

2. The Door Is Frozen

Homeowners in cold regions know about all the havoc that freezing temperatures can wreak on their homes, but they may underestimate what it can do to their garage door. Ice can build up around the edge of the garage door and the ground, sealing it shut.

Avoid mashing the opener again and again in anger, as this may cause mechanical problems in the system. Use a heat gun or other de-icing products to remove the ice from around the door.

3. The Door Is Struggling

A door that struggles to open and close is a warning that should not be ignored. This is usually a sign of an issue somewhere with the torsion springs or the cable and pulley system.

Again, never attempt to repair the springs by yourself. Faulty springs are one of the common causes of garage door fatalities.

4. There’s Broken Glass

Accidents happen, and glass windows on garage doors are susceptible to damage. The key is to fix that damage before it leads to bigger problems.

Not only does broken glass present a security and safety issue, but animals and insects are invited to take up residence in the garage.

5. The Remote Doesn’t Work

This is a common annoyance that may have an easy fix. First, check the batteries in the garage door opener. If that doesn’t work, contact a professional to help reprogram the remote.

Maintaining a Garage Door

A garage door is heavy and works hard day in and day out to open and close repeatedly for homeowners. Keeping basic maintenance routines is essential for safety. These routines include examining rollers and tracks, checking cables and pulleys for wear, tightening hardware, testing how difficult it is to open and close the door by hand, and testing the autoreverse function for safety.

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