5 Signs It’s Time for a Garage Door Replacement

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Did you know that the average home’s garage door opens and closes about 1500 times per year? No matter how often you leave or return home, your garage door likely gets a lot more use than you realize. Many people even use it more often than their home’s front door!

However, there may likely come a time when the wear and tear on your garage door becomes more noticeable than before. Are you on the fence about whether or not you need a garage door replacement in Katy, TX, on your property? Here are six key signs that it might be time for a new one.

1. Too Much Noise

While all garage doors are bound to make noise, some can be fixed with a simple garage door repair. However, if a very severe type of noise persists, such as intense grinding or cracking sounds, then it might be a sign that your garage door has deteriorated past the point of repair.

In such cases, you might want to pull the trigger on a new garage door installation.

2. Outdated Design

Garage doors comprise a lot of space on the front of your home and are thus very noticeable. Therefore, if your garage door shows visible signs of wear and tear, or simply looks old and deteriorated, it can create quite an eyesore for the rest of your home. Such a problem can even lower your home’s property value.

Try browsing our garage door company site for a good selection of designer garage doors to modernize and improve your home’s look.

3. Breakdowns

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your garage door needs replacing is if it stops opening and closing altogether!  However, if you should experience such a problem, it is important to determine whether the issue lies in the garage door itself or just the garage door opener.

Try replacing the battery in your garage door opener or troubleshoot garage door opener repair options before assuming the actual machinery of your garage door is faulty.

4. A More Energy-Efficient Garage Door Replacement

Most often, a garage door is just one layer separating your house from the outdoors. If the garage door is made of cheap, thin, or poorly insulated material, it can easily affect your indoor temperatures, raising your power bill.

The right garage door replacement is an easy way to make your entire home more energy-efficient.

5. Security Concerns

New models of garage doors have more modern locking mechanisms that offer greater protection. An old or flimsy garage door can pose an easy target for thieves looking for a weak link through which to break and enter. A more modern replacement will offer safety and peace of mind.

Don’t Wait to Fix or Replace!

If you find yourself in need of a garage door replacement or garage door repair, there’s no need to leave your home vulnerable! We here at Ohana Garage Doors offer a full selection of garage door and garage door opener repair and installation services.

Schedule garage door services with us today and let us solve all your garage door headaches right away.

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