garage door inspection checklist

A Garage Door Inspection Checklist for Homeowners in Cypress, TX

Many people take their garage door for granted, expecting it to continue working as usual as they come and go. However, you must check your garage door regularly to look for potential hazards and ensure it’s in working order.

Some older garage doors can be quite dangerous; even new garage doors require maintenance.

That’s why we’ve made this garage door inspection checklist for you to use. Read on to discover what you should know.

A Basic Garage Door Inspection Checklist

If you live in Cypress, you know the dangers of hurricanes and flooding. That’s why it’s important to perform a garage door inspection and look for damage regularly.

Here’s everything you need for your garage door inspection procedure.

Cleaning the Door

Clean both the outside and inside of your garage door and remove any debris you see. This allows you to check for mechanical issues.

Use a mild liquid soap or follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse your door and let it dry.

Check for any chipping paint or rotten boards on wooden doors. Repaint or restain your door if needed.

Checking the Rollers

Inspect the rollers for any signs of corrosion, chips, or damage.

Clean and lubricate the rollers if necessary.

Examine the Sensors

Are the eye sensors in good shape, and not bent or damaged? Make sure they’re no higher than six inches above your garage floor and securely attached to the wall or track.

Block one of the sensors with an object and try closing the garage door.

Does the sensor stop the door?

Check the Springs

Bad springs can be dangerous, and you should never repair these on your own.

However, you can check them during your inspection. Listen for squeaking. This is a sign you may need to lubricate the springs.

If you suspect a more serious problem, leave the repairs to a professional.

Inspect the Track, Hinges, and Cables

Clean and inspect the track for damage, excessive grease and debris. Check the bolts and hinges, as well. Next, make sure the cable tension looks good.

Ensure the Mechanical Reverse Works

Is the mechanical reverse feature working?

Place an object, like a 2×4, in the center of the door path on the ground, and close the garage door.

Your garage door should sense the object, and the door should reverse.

How to Check the Balance

Using manual mode (disconnecting your garage door from the opener), open and close the garage door. This is an excellent way to test the smoothness of the tracks.

Open the door once more and close it about halfway. Your garage door should stop rather than rise or slam down. If they do, these are signs that can indicate your door being off balance.

If it is off-balance, don’t try to repair this yourself. You could hurt yourself or damage the door further.

Is Your Garage Door in Working Order?

You must check your garage door at least twice a year for damage or maintenance issues. Use our garage door inspection checklist to ensure everything is running as it should.

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