A Worthy Contender: The Synergy 370 is amazing!

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Marantec 370

The Synergy 370 is amazing!

You may have heard us brag about the Synergy 370 opener.

Why are they so great for your next garage door opener installation in Katy, TX?

1) They are AMAZINGLY quiet: – They are a belt driven opener so all you hear is “humm”. – The rail system is one continuous piece instead of sections.

2) They have one of the best warranties in the industry: – Lifetime on the gear assembly, motor and rail system – 8 year warranty on circuit board – 5 year warranty on LED lighting system so a garage door opener replacement would not be a concern.

3) Upgrades! Battery back up, automatic timer to close, and extra lighting are all available for garage door opener maintenance.

4) Integrates with Maveo BlueFi stick garage door opener, to control and protect your garage.

5) They are installed by our very own vetted, trained and professional garage door company technicians.

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