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Locally Owned & Operated

Thanks for your interest in our garage door company. We are Mark and Maureen Guzman. We are so proud of our locally owned family business, Ohana Garage Doors Houston. Here is a bit about us and our company.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, we briefly lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, when in 1998 our son was born. We quickly realized that was not where we wanted to raise a family, so we moved to Texas in 1998. It didn’t take long to fall in love with Texas where the people are the best!

Get to Know Ohana Garage Door Company

When it came time to choose a name for our business, it wasn’t an easy decision. When we got here in 1998, it was just the 3 of us, with no other family here. The family we have is the one we built around us: our friends, neighbors, and the other business owners we connect with regularly. In Hawaiian, Ohana means family, and that includes friends, neighbors, and community. We are a family-run garage door supplier with close ties to those in our neighborhood and community, which is why we decided on the name Ohana. We think it is a perfect fit.


We run our business the same way we live our lives, with integrity, hard work, and respect for others. Maureen and I, as well as the whole team, love people! Our goal, and the goal of every employee at Ohana, is to provide service with a WOW factor. When we finish a job we want you to think, “Wow! I was not expecting such fantastic customer service!” We want to be your go-to resource not only as your garage door company but also for whatever in life we can be helpful with. Those are the kind of relationships we like to build with our customers through:

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Our Employees

All our employees are thoroughly vetted with background checks and regular drug screenings. We hire people we trust because we know they are an extension of us. Trust is paramount both personally and professionally in our lives.

If you have not given us a try, I invite you to call 281-623-4335 you will not be disappointed with our garage door services.

Need a new door? Our garage door experts in Katy, TX, and nearby areas will come out to you for a free garage door estimate and show you what options are available to simply replace your existing garage door, or upgrade to your dream garage door!

What about garage door openers? Yep, we handle those too. Repairs for many major brand systems as well as replace broken or worn out openers with a new Ohana garage door opener.

Meet Pineapple Pete

Meet Pineapple Pete, the friendly mascot of Ohana Garage Doors!

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In need of a garage door specialist in Katy, TX, or nearby areas? Look no further than Ohana Garage Door. Call us or fill out the form for an appointment. We look forward to serving you in these locations: