What to Do if You Find a Crack in One of Your Garage Door Panels

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What to Do if You Find a Crack in One of Your Garage Door Panels

June 14, 2021
garage door panel - Ohana Garage Door Repair

Found a crack in your garage door? Don’t panic and start thinking you’ll need to replace the whole thing quite yet. Each garage door is different. From size, materials, and the location of the damage, different garage door panels can be fixed and repaired through garage door panel maintenance, while others will require panel replacement.…

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Garage Guides: Can You Install a Garage Door Opener Yourself?

April 12, 2021
how to install a garage door opener - Ohana Garage Door Repair

Garage door components are made to last for years, even decades. But like everything else, they will eventually wear out. This includes automatic garage door openers. Even if your current opener is functioning, you may be ready for an upgrade with our garage door opener services. Innovations in technology have brought advances in automatic door…

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How Do the Pros Replace a Garage Door Spring?

March 29, 2021
replace a garage door spring - Ohana Garage Door Repair

Are you a self-proclaimed DIYer? While there are plenty of awesome projects to complete around the house, garage door spring replacement in Katy, TX, isn’t one of them. Not only is this job complicated, but done incorrectly and you might find yourself locked out for good! Not sure if your garage door needs a repair…

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What Are Carriage Garage Doors?

February 23, 2021
What Are Carriage Garage Doors - Ohana Garage Door Repair

Carriage house doors date back to the time of the horse and buggy. They have a rustic appearance about them that adds style to any garage. It is also advisable to leave carriage house-style garage door repair to experts. While carriage garage doors certainly look more appealing on colonial-style houses, they can fit in nicely…

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5 Telltale Signs You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement

January 19, 2021
Garage Door Spring Replacement - Ohana Garage Door Repair

As you hop in the car to head to work in the morning and you notice your garage door isn’t opening smoothly…that’s normal, right? Not quite. If you don’t fix the problem, a shaking garage door might stop working without any warning; and the problem may be your springs. So our garage door company has…

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