When the Temperature Drops, Garage Doors Springs POP!

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When the Temperature Drops, Garage Doors Springs POP!

October 18, 2019

BANG! You might have heard a loud BANG coming from the garage but didn’t know what it was, or came home to find the door just wouldn’t open or only opened a smidge. Chances are your garage door spring has broken and may need our garage door company. Garage door springs eventually wear out, and…

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Why Is My Garage Door Not Working? : 4 Troubleshooting Tips

February 13, 2017
Why Is My Garage Door Not Working - Ohana Garage Door Repair

Most homeowners have garage doors that will operate trouble-free for years.  It’s never a thought that ever crosses a homeowner’s mind until your garage door stops working and leaves you hung up in a bind.  We’ve dealt with almost every possible garage door repair issue you could imagine when it comes to residential garage door…

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