Do I Have a Broken Garage Door Spring? When to Call a Professional in Houston, TX

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Your garage door should last about 30 years. If it’s not working and it’s not three decades old, it may require repair or even garage door spring replacement in Houston, TX.

One common issue to deal with is a broken garage door spring. But diagnosing the problem can be difficult if you’re not versed in garage door repair.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Read on to find out the signs you have a broken garage door.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Broken Garage Door Spring?

The first step in dealing with a broken garage door spring is realizing the entire system’s not working. In other words, your garage door won’t open, and you can’t figure out why.

There are multiple ways to troubleshoot a broken garage door. If those don’t work out, though, it could be a broken spring.

Inspect the Garage Door

Once you’ve noticed that your garage door isn’t functioning, it’s time to inspect its parts. A closer look might reveal a broken spring is to blame.

You won’t just inspect the springs, of course. Your garage is made up of a series of springs, rollers, cables and more. And damage to one of these areas can put a strain on your springs and require garage door spring installation.

On that note, it’s important to remember that springs might not look damaged. However, if you see that other parts around them have failed to function, then your springs might be faulty, too. They may have been forced to work overtime when another piece malfunctioned.

The Garage Door Feels Heavy

You might also need a garage door spring repair if the door itself hangs heavily.

Springs support the weight of your garage door. So, if they break or lose their springiness, the door will hang there.

Your garage door might also fall quickly as it shuts to close. This is another sign that the spring’s broken, and the door’s heavy on the cables and pulleys.

You Can’t Open the Door Manually

Sometimes, with a broken garage door, you can still slide it open and closed with your hands. Turn off the automatic opener system first if you have one. Then, try and lift the door.

If you can’t, then the springs are probably to blame. If you can open the door, but it won’t stay open, that’s another sign your springs have been compromised and need garage door services.

You Heard a Loud Bang

It’s scary to hear loud noises coming from the garage — some people even think the sound is an intruder.

However, it could be that one of the torsion springs in your garage door snapped. If you heard the sound and then your garage door fails to open, then it is likely an issue with a broken spring.

Get the Help You Need

By now, you may have realized that you have a broken garage door spring. If that’s the case, your next step is to call in someone who can help you fix it.

Our garage door company is always here to help. You can schedule a repair online or call us at 281-623-4335 to set up an appointment and fix that broken spring.

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