Finding the Best Garage Doors: 7 Things You Should Know


For most homeowners, the garage door is one of the most-used entrances of the home. In fact, the average garage door opens and closes more than 1500 times each year.

With such frequent use, it’s no wonder that you’ll eventually need garage door replacement with a new model.

If you’re like most people, understanding how to choose the best garage doors for your home can feel like a bit of a mystery. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you start your search.

1. You’ll Need a Firm Budget

Before you start looking at the best garage doors for your home, you need to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on a new door.

Some types of materials cost more upfront and may require additional hardware or higher-powered motors to function properly. Others are lightweight and affordable, but maybe less durable and could need more garage door maintenance over the years.

Think about how much you’re willing to spend on the door and how you plan to pay for the materials and installation. If you’ve saved up money for the project, let that amount dictate how much you’re willing to spend on a new door.

If you don’t have savings already, start thinking about ways to save up for your garage improvement project.

2. Pay Attention to Your Style

Once you have a dollar amount in mind, start thinking about the way your home’s exterior looks. Remember, the garage door is one of the most visible parts of your home’s exterior. You want it to look nice and to complement the rest of your aesthetics.

Would your home benefit from a more traditional carriage door style or will standard fiberglass garage door with raised panels work just fine?

Once you have an idea of the style of door you want, start thinking about the colors you want to incorporate into the design. If you have painted trim on your house, consider using the same color for your door. This will help tie the door in with your existing exterior color palette.

If you want to use your garage door to make a statement, you can always choose a bright accent color that makes it stand out. It all comes down to personal preference.

3. Material Matters More Than You Think

Ultimately, when looking for the best garage doors on the market, the type of materials you choose will make a huge difference in the durability of your door.

Fiberglass doors are lightweight and incredibly affordable. However, they’re easier to dent and are harder to insulate against hot summer temperatures.

Aluminum doors are more durable and less likely to corrode when humidity increases throughout the year. They’re also easy to insulate and can help keep your garage from experiencing extreme temperature swings throughout the year.

Steel doors are even more durable, wind-resistant, and energy-efficient when compared to aluminum.  They are available in a multitude of panel styles and colors, as well as insulated.

Wood doors are incredibly durable and can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. However, they’re incredibly heavy and require a much stronger motor than other options on the market.

The right materials largely depend on your budget and your sense of style. Just remember to discuss your options with your installation technician before you make a decision. They’ll be able to help you find the best choice for your needs.

4. Safety Sensors Are a Must

Even the lightest garage doors are still incredibly heavy. This means safety always needs to be a priority regardless of the type of door you choose.

Since 1993, U.S. Federal Law requires manufacturers to include a safety-reversing system, such as safety sensors. These sensors should sit about 6 to 8 inches from the ground attached to the frame of the door itself. When buying a garage door, make sure your garage door installer is professional and includes these sensors.

When there’s nothing in the way, the door will close securely. However, if anything gets in the way of those sensors, the door will stop and open back up. This keeps things from getting crushed under the weight of the door. It’s ideal if you have small children around the house or pets that like to follow you out into the garage.

5. Insulation Is Always Worth the Cost

Think of the size of your garage door. It’s arguably one of the biggest parts of your home’s exterior and that means it needs to be properly insulated against changing weather conditions.

Insulation isn’t always standard on most doors, but it is something you’ll want to invest in apart from professional garage door services.

Why? Because the more stable the temperature is inside your garage, the more comfortable the interior of your home will be.

Make sure the door you’re considering has enough insulation to block out the worst of the temperature swings you experience around your house.

And it’s better to buy an insulated garage door than think you can match the effectiveness using homemade methods; you can’t.

6. Invest in a New Motor with Your Door

It is possible to install a new garage door without replacing your old motor, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Think of it this way: the motor already worked for years to raise and lower your old door. It might not be up to supporting the weight of your new door with its existing wear and tear and require more than just garage door repair.

The more wear and tear a motor has, the more likely it is to develop issues down the line. Save yourself the frustration and invest in a new motor when you buy your new door.

7. Always Hire a Professional for the Installation

Buying garage doors may be simple, but installing them is incredibly complex. There are different components you need to worry about and without the help of a professional, you could end up voiding the warranty on your door and motor in a matter of seconds.

Instead of trying to handle the garage door installation in Katy, TX, on your own, always work with a professional. They’ll make sure your door gets installed correctly so you can rely on it to work for years to come.

Finding the Best Garage Doors for Your House Is Simple

If you’re thinking of buying a garage door for your home, keep the aforementioned things in mind. Take your time and work with an experienced professional, and you will be sure to choose the right garage door.

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