Garage Door Remote Issues

“Dang it!! The garage door remote stopped working!”

It’s cold and raining and you’re nice and warm inside your car; this is not the time for the garage door remote to go out! Occasionally we get calls for garage door remotes that stop have stopped working.
The first thing to do is replace the battery, and if that’s does’t fix it, here are a few other things that it could be:
1) Radio wave interference: Certain electronics can interfere with the radio wave frequency between the garage door opener and the remote. LED lights in or near the opener can also block this signal.
2) Faulty or failing circuit board
3) Circuit board programming has been inadvertently been erased
Try removing any LEDs or turn off any electronics in the garage to see if that remedies the issue. If it does – awesome! If it doesn’t, give us a call. We can help. 🙂


broken garage door remote