Garage Door Remote Issues

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“Dang it!! The garage door remote stopped working!” You may need our garage door services.

It’s cold and raining and you’re nice and warm inside your car; this is not the time for the garage door remote to go out! Occasionally we get calls for garage door repair in Katy, TX when it comes to garage door remotes that have stopped working.

The root cause of any garage door issues and potential repairs are easy to comprehend when your garage door remote suddenly stops functioning properly.

Before hiring a professional, you must examine a few vital components of your non-functioning garage door. The five most frequent causes of garage door remote issues are listed below, along with some troubleshooting tips you may consider.

1.Dead Batteries

Depleted batteries are one of the main reasons a remote doesn’t work. Try the wall-mounted control panel in your garage to diagnose this garage door issue. Dead batteries are typically responsible for a non-working remote if your garage door opener still reacts when you push the  control panel button.

Pro Tip: Fortunately, there is an easy fix for drained remote batteries. When your remote no longer transmits signals to the receiver, simply swap out the empty batteries for fresh ones and test the remote to ensure that it’s operating properly. Of course, for best results, always use fresh new batteries in your remote that are compatible with those already employed.

2. Signal Disruption

A signal disruption is another frequent issue that renders a remote inoperable. For instance, if you change the batteries and your garage door still won’t open, an obstacle may be interfering with the remote control and door sensor signal. 

Pro Tip: Before opening the garage door with your remote to resolve a disrupted signal, be sure you are within 20 feet of the door. If you are too far away, the signal might not be able to find your remote. On the other hand, if you’re close enough, but the door opener doesn’t respond to your remote, clear any obstructions from the signal. For example LED bulbs or other electronics can disrupt the signal .

Additionally, ensure the antenna is pointed in the direction of your door and is free of any debris buildup. If your antenna is damaged, get in touch with repair professionals soon to have it inspected and fixed.

3. Physical Damage

Your remote may have been dropped or trampled on, which is why it’s no longer working. However, if the surface appears unharmed, you might not even be aware that it has been damaged. Take note of any weather conditions that may have affected the performance of your remote. Was it left out in the snow or rain? 

Pro Tip: If you suspect your remote has been physically damaged, the only real fix is replacing it. Always keep your recently replaced remote indoors and out of the elements that might damage it, including rain, snow, and other weather conditions.

4. Active Lock Button

The lock button on your wall-mounted garage door opener could’ve been mistakenly activated, rendering the remote inoperable. When locked, you may be able to close the door, or depending on your model, it may not do anything. So check the control panel of your garage door to be sure you didn’t unintentionally hit the lock button.

Pro Tip: On your control panel, push the lock button to release the lock on your garage door opener, then test the result by pressing the remote. Next, press the wall control panel to ensure it is still operational after disengaging the lock.

5. Faulty Door Wiring

After attempting each of our previous suggestions, let’s say that when you click the button on your remote, your garage door still won’t open. In that situation, there may be a problem with the opener’s circuit board. However, a power spike may cause an opener to malfunction. As a result, a repair expert should examine it.

Pro Tip: A professional will examine the opener when a circuit board malfunctions to identify and fix the problem. By unplugging the cables from the motor and control panel, reconnecting the machine, and clearing its memory, pros will check the wiring condition on your opener’s receiver board. Pros will then reprogram your remote, reconnect the wire and test the door to ensure the system is operational.

Leave your Garage Door Remote Issues to the Experts! 

When your garage door malfunctions, you’ll want to examine and fix it so that you may easily utilize your garage as desired. Since we frequently use our garage door remote controls, understanding how they operate is crucial to preventing future issues from occurring. 

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone! To get the most out of your garage door, simply follow our tips for properly examining and repairing your garage door remote issues.

For more immediate concerns regarding any garage door remote issue, or any garage door problem, feel free to call us or fill out the form to get in touch with Ohana Garage Door!

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