Garage Door Styles: Top Tips for Choosing the Best One to Fit Your Needs

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On average, your garage door should have a lifespan of 10-20 years. So if you stay in your house for decades, then chances are, you’ll need another garage door installation in Katy, TX, at some point.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your garage door feeling a little rickety, or there’s major damage to it that’s compromising its performance. If so, it might be time for you to consider getting a garage door replacement.

Are you in the market for a new garage door and aren’t sure what to select? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you all the garage door styles available and how to choose the one to best fit your needs.

Things to Consider When Purchasing

Not all garage doors are created equally, which means what may work really well for your friend in another state may not necessarily work well for you. Not only will you use your garages differently, but you’ll also have different environments to consider.

Below are some things you need to think about when buying a new garage door.

Your Lifestyle

How you use your garage will matter when selecting a new garage door. Do you always park your car in the garage? Then reliably opening and closing will be important to you. Do you use your garage solely for storage? Then you’ll want a garage door that is secure to protect your belongings. Will you be using your garage as a workspace? Then natural light will be a benefit to you and you may want windows in your garage door.

Local Climate

Before you commit to a garage door, you’ll need to think about your local climate. Is it dry, humid, windy, stormy, or at times extremely hot or cold? Then you’ll want to carefully research the garage door materials available to you.

Garage Door Materials


Some garage doors are made from wood which are not only beautiful but also pretty durable. However, because it’s an organic substance that’s susceptible to its environment, wood does require a little more garage door maintenance than other materials. 


Steel is a very popular alternative to wood because it’s durable and strong, and is relatively inexpensive.  Another benefit of choosing steel is it’s very low-maintenance. All you need to do is either wipe it down with soapy water or hose it down every once in a while to keep it looking like new.

With the extensive variety of options to choose from, you don’t have to go with a plain steel garage door. You can always apply custom paints, add windows, insulation, unique embossing or woodgrains to make your new garage door more appealing.


Aluminum is a great metal to use, although it’s not as sturdy as steel, it is still durable and lightweight. This can come in handy if you frequently experience power outages and need to open and close your garage door by hand. Aluminum is naturally rust-resistant so if you live somewhere that has high humidity or gets a lot of rain, you may want to consider aluminum.

However, if your city gets a lot of high winds, you’ll want to avoid using aluminum. While it’s very durable, it is still a soft metal, which means it may easily be dented or blown in and require additional garage door services.

The Main Garage Door Styles

Now that we’ve gotten the technical things out of the way, we can move on to the fun part!

Keeping in mind the area you’re living in and the needs you have, take a look at some of the main garage door styles you can get for your home.


Traditional garage doors are the ones you’ll find on most American homes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re plain-looking! Sure, they’ll have similar wood paneling to your neighbor’s but you can make your door unique by choosing different paint colors and window panes with the help of our garage door company.

Carriage Style

Carriage style garage doors are perfect for those who like the look reminiscent of the Victorian horse and carriage storage rooms, which is what these doors are named for. While they may look like the old-styled swing-out doors, carriage style garage doors function like a regular overhead door, so you can get the aesthetics of the older style with a modern function.


Designer garage doors are a blend between traditional and custom. Renowned brands have created their own unique garage door styles while still offering you security. These designers really think outside of the box using alternate materials to wood, such as steel or aluminum, in unique ways.


If you don’t like prefabricated garage doors, or they just don’t fit your garage opening, then not to worry. For you,  custom garage doors are available. We at Ohana Garage Doors will work with you to ensure the right dimensions and specifications are ordered so you not only get a garage door that fits flawlessly but also suits your home style perfectly.

Choose a Beautiful New Garage Door for Your Home

Now that you know what the different garage door styles are, you can make a better-informed decision for your replacement. Since all styles are manufactured to be safe and sturdy, all it really comes down to your personal preference and your home’s style. Carefully weigh your options to select the one that you’ll love for decades to come.

Do you need a garage door repair or a replacement? Then get in touch with us now or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We’re a locally-owned and operated business.

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