Home Aesthetics Matter: How A New Garage Door Boosts Curb Appeal

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Looking at the world through overly critical eyes can make a person seem judgmental, but we all do it. If you’re not convinced, think about the last time you drove through a neighborhood here in Cinco Ranch, TX.

Your eyes likely honed in on the one or two front yards with a few too many weeds. Maybe you noticed the house with peeling paint or the one with the dingy-looking front door.

First impressions matter, and how you use home aesthetics plays a critical role in how others view your house. Whether you want to help make your neighborhood more appealing or you’re preparing to sell, you’ll find tips here on how installing a new garage door can make it happen.

Read on and explore how a garage door replacement boosts the curb appeal of your home.

Does Your House Still Have the Original Garage Doors?

If you don’t feel quite ready for a new garage door installation in Katy, TX, think about this: how old is your house, and how old is the garage door?

Generally, garage doors have a service life averaging 15-30 years. How long a garage door lasts depends on the quality of the materials and how well you or the previous homeowner took care of the door through garage door maintenance.

If you’ve lived in your home for several years without replacing the door, it’s time to consider your options with our garage door company. Even if you haven’t yet reached the 15-30 year milestone, if your home still has the original garage door, you might look into upgrading from the builder’s quality door to something that performs better and will last longer.

Garage Doors Say Something About You

When considering a garage door repair or replacement, make sure the one you choose makes the right statement. Like everything else on the exterior of your home, garage doors say something about you and your personal style.

First, you’ll want to match the door to the design of your home.

For example, carriage-style garage doors complement historic Victorian, Craftsman, and Spanish Colonial home designs, to name a few. If you live in a home with a mid-century modern or contemporary design, a carriage door will look out of place.

Even if you’re madly in love with a particular door style, make sure the one you choose goes with the other architectural elements of your home.

Today’s garage doors come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. Add to that your ability to choose from different hardware and window options, and it’s not difficult to pair the door with your taste and the current design of your home.

Home Aesthetics and Boring White Doors

Have you ever seen a home where the owner decided to paint the front door, the trim, and the garage door the same color? Then, they took it one step further and painted the siding to match? We know—that’s extreme, but we bet someone out there has done it!

If you ask your real estate agent how to improve curb appeal, they’ll likely advise you to “just paint the door white.” After all, white paint creates a clean, uniform look that doesn’t distract from the other elements of a home’s exterior design.

Before you choose a white garage door, consider how the color impacts your vision for home aesthetics. Will a white door say, “welcome to my home?” Sure, white is classic garage door color and can improve curb appeal, but look at a few other colors too!

For a chic, classy look, you can choose from one of the many shades of gray. Black garage doors give your home a hip, trendy feel. If you’re going for a subtle, sophisticated look for your stone or brick exterior, choose a color with neutral beige or taupe hues.

Whatever you decide on, make sure the color sets the mood for the exterior of your home in a way that draws people who may want to make you an offer.

Enhance Curb Appeal with Details

Before we get into hardware and other garage door details, let’s clarify how we feel about white doors. There are a time and a place for crisp, clean white garage doors! If you love the look of white, increase curb appeal by including a few details.

If you choose a carriage house style, the details are already built into the door. Ask your garage door specialist about choosing ornamental hinges and handles. Carry the look over to your front door by installing a matching handle and door knocker.

For a contemporary style, make your garage doors stand out with a glass or metal elements. Consider right or left-side vertical windows. You can also choose from a wide range of glass options, including clear or obscure glass panels.

Choose the Best Quality Materials

Once you’ve decided on style and color, your next step is to work with your garage door supplier to choose the best quality materials. Garage doors come in your choice of:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Wood Composite
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

Each type of garage door material has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some materials work better for Texas’s climate, while others make the ideal door for a home in a colder region.

Work with your garage door specialist to choose the door made from the best quality material you can afford. You’ll boost your curb appeal and it’s a great return on investment with an ROI of about 94.5%!

Ready to Impress with New Garage Doors?

Now that you’ve explored the homes’ aesthetics and how it can new garage doors can improve curb appeal, we bet you’re ready to update and upgrade your garage doors. Working with a team that keeps up with current garage door trends will make garage door services so much easier—and more enjoyable.

Here at Ohana Garage Doors, we’re always happy to help customers figure out the best style garage door to fit their unique home design. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your new garage door project!

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