how do you program a garage door opener

How Do You Program a Garage Door Opener in Richmond, TX?

If you ask the average homeowner, “How do you program a garage door opener?”, you’d most likely get a blank stare. Programming a garage door opener should be easy, right?

Garage doors open and close automatically by use of a garage door opener. Homeowners control it via a switch on the wall or remote control. It comes in handy when you want to pull directly into the garage without getting out of the car. Who wants to lift and let down a heavy garage door when it’s pouring rain or stiflingly hot?

These devices seem simple, but programming them for the first time can be tricky. Learn how to do it here.

How to Program a Garage Door Opener?

Programming a garage door opener seems universal, but the process differs by brand.

Manufacturers such as Liftmaster, Craftsman, Linear, and Genie are common brands most homeowners use. Let’s walk through some of their programming processes. 

Liftmaster Instructions 

Step One: Look for the Learn Button on your garage door opener. If your home has a wall button, you can use this instead.

Step Two: Quickly press and release the learn button. You may have to do this more than once depending on the model you have.

Step Three: With remote control in hand, and within seconds of pressing the learn button, press and hold the remote button for several seconds. A blinking light or a solid light that goes out indicates you’ve programmed your opener (depends on your opener model).

Step Four: Press buttons on your remote control to make sure your opener functions the right way. If not, repeat these steps.

Craftsman Instructions

Step One: Locate the Learn Button on the back of your garage door opener mounted on the ceiling above the garage door. Press and release it after a few seconds. 

Step Two: On your remote control, press and hold down the button marked “TOP”. While holding down this button, press the “SRT” button on the back of the garage door opener.

Step Three: Hold both buttons down for about 30 seconds. Once the light on the opener starts flashing, it’s programmed. 

To connect more than one remote, repeat these steps. 

Genie Instructions 

Step One: Find the small black Learn Button located near the antenna of your Genie garage opener. Press and release it then look for the LED light to flash quickly. 

Step Two: Within 30 seconds, press and release the remote control button three times.

Step Three: Watch for the LED light to flash or become strongly solid. Press the same button for the light to go out. This indicates you’ve programmed the opener.

Step Four: Test the opener by pressing the button on the remote to open and close the garage door. 

Programming is Complete

The whole process takes no more than half an hour, depending on the model. But if after following these instructions you are still unable to program your opener, we’d be happy to help. If you are in the Richmond, TX area, you can schedule service right now for garage door opener programming.