How to Change the Battery in a Marantec Wireless Keypad

If you have ever wondered how to change the battery in a Marantec Wireless Keypad, here is a short video that walks you through it, or if you want here are the steps below:

1. Remover keypad cover: First thing you’ll do is remove the keypad cover by pulling it straight up. To take it all the way off you’ll need to grab it on both sides, wiggle it back and forth, and pull it straight forward towards you.

2. Remove keypad: Once you get that off you’re going to expose a little screw inside that holds the keypad in place. You’ll need to loosen the screw to remove the keypad. Be careful when you do as the screw is a very specific thread and if you lose it it’s going to be kind of tough to get a replacement screw.  After you loosen the screw you can pull the keypad off, by pulling it straight forward towards you. Sometimes it sticks, so give it a little jiggle as you pull – all while making sure to keep your finger over the screw so you do not lose it!.

3. Replace batteries: With your finger over the screw, turn it upside down and remove battery cover to expose the batteries. Replace your batteries. Return the cover.
4. Return the keypad and keypad cover: Now just reverse the process. Keep your finger over the screw, push the keypad back in place, and once it’s back in place you can tighten a screw until it’s a little snug. Then slide the keypad cover back on.
That’s it!