Loose Garage Door Cables

We regularly get customer calls stating their garage door cables have come loose. Although it isn’t the case 100% of the time, it is often due to broken garage door springs. The way to determine if it is indeed a broken garage door spring take a look above your garage door from the inside of the garage.

loose cable

If you have a standard torsion system you will see a bar that spans the width of the door, with cable-wrapped drums on each end. On the bar you will see one or two (depending on your garage door) thick springs. Check to see if one of the garage door springs has a gap, if so then you have a broken garage door spring.

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If the spring does not have a gap, then the loose cable is due to some other factor. Your garage door could be out of balance, off track, you could have failing rollers, loose set screws, or something else. If you are exceptionally handy you may be able to fix the problem yourself, however it is safest and best to have a professional come inspect your garage door to determine the actual cause and make the garage door repair. We’ve helped many customers who attempted to fix the problem themselves only to do more damage, and it costing more money.

NOTE: Garage doors are extremely heavy and the garage door springs are under immense tension as they act as a counter-balance to the door itself. DIYers proceed with extreme caution!

A garage door repair is nothing to take lightly – we certainly don’t. We take precautions to protect your property and family while assessing and conducting a garage door repair. If you find you have a loose garage door cable, regardless of the cause, protect your home and property by giving us a call to handle the garage door repair for you. CALL US TODAY AT 281-623-4335