Meet Pineapple Pete

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Meet Pineapple Pete the friendly mascot of Ohana Garage Doors!

Meet Pineapple Pete the friendly mascot of Ohana Garage Doors!

Pete is a happy-go-lucky pineapple from Hawaii, where he grew up on a lush plantation with his pineapple family. He always loved the warm sunshine, the tropical breeze, and the sweet aroma of the pineapples that surrounded him.

Pete's friendly personality and warm demeanor made him well-known among the locals in Hawaii, who started to associate pineapples with warm welcomes, celebration, and hospitality. It wasn't long before Pete became a symbol of these values and was invited to many events and celebrations on the island.


One day, Pete received a letter from his cousin, who lived in Katy, Texas. His cousin told him about Ohana Garage Doors, a family-owned business that valued the same things that Pete did - hospitality, kindness, and respect for others. Intrigued, Pete decided to pay them a visit.



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Upon arriving at Ohana Garage Doors, Pete was greeted with open arms. He soon realized that this was the perfect place for him. He loved how the team at Ohana treated their customers like family, and how they went above and beyond to provide exceptional service.


Impressed with what he saw, Pete said yes when invited to join the Ohana team as their mascot. Now, you can find him at Ohana Garage Doors, greeting customers with his warm smile and friendly demeanor. With Pineapple Pete around, you know that you'll always receive the warmest welcome, and the ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????.

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