New Garage Doors Rank #2 for Highest ROI

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A home with garage doors at dusk.

When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal is king. Did you know, of the top 10 highest ROI you can do for your home, 9 are for the exterior? Did you know new garage doors rank #2 for highest ROI, at 94.5%! That is the second highest ROI you will find when it comes to upgrades for your home. What are some others? Read on to find out.

When buyers are out perusing prospective neighborhoods they aren’t able to see what’s inside, it’s the outside that will draw their attention. You have less than a minute (and that’s if they stop) to draw them in. That’s why curb appeal is your first line of offense to draw in new buyers and why regular garage door maintenance should be a priority. Let’s look at the top 5 Exterior upgrades with the highest ROI, focusing on the front of your home.

#1 Manufactured Stone Veneer

It seems, at least in the region we live in East Texas, that many of the new homes are now built with stone veneers, and boy are they beautiful! It adds a dimension and texture to the home we had not incorporated in the past. Adding a bit of nature as part of the dwelling really makes it more inviting. I can see how this upgrade can top the list. Enhancing your home and a high ROI. Adding a stone veneer has a ROI of much as 95.6%. 

According to Remodeling : Job Cost $9,357 | Cost Recoup $8,943 | ROI 95.6%

#2 A New Garage Door

Considering most garages in a typical neighborhood face the street, and on average are 1/3 of the front exterior, it should be no surprise that a new garage door can have a significant impact on your homes curb appeal. Upgrading your current door to a custom garage door installation in Katy, TX, is like a facelift for your home, giving it new life and can easily become the envy of the neighborhood. A new garage door has as much as a 94.5% ROI.

According to Remodeling: Job Cost  $3,695 | Cost Recoup $3,491 | ROI 94.5%

#3 Fiber Cement Siding Replacement

In east Texas, many homes are wrapped with brick and fiber cement siding, which can last as much as 50 years when properly maintained. If you have a home that is not wrapped in fiber cement siding, like Hardie plank, this upgrade can add beauty and extend the life of your home. New fiber cement siding has a much as a 77.6% ROI. You may consider this just as a garage door replacement may be in order.

According to Remodeling : Job Cost $17,008 | Cost Recoup $13,195 | ROI 77.6%

#4 Vinyl Window Replacement

Unfortunately, some builders do not put the best windows in their homes (even if they claim that they are). Over time, cheap quality double pane windows will become hazy if the seal has failed. Just as you need prompt garage door repair, this is something that you need to address.

Dingy windows are depressing on the inside and from the outside. Bright and shiny new windows perk up a home’s façade like a bed of spring flowers. New vinyl windows have a ROI as much as 72.3%.

According to Remodeling: Job Cost $17,641 | Cost Recoup $12,761 | ROI 72.3%

#5 New Entry Door

You may not always enter through the front door, but undoubtedly your guests do. In east Texas, most front doors face the street. A beautiful front door welcomes friends, family, and prospective buyers. A new entry door welcomes an ROI of about 68.8%.

According to Remodeling : Job Cost $1,881 | Cost Recoup  $1,294 | ROI 68.8%

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