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5 Common Garage Door Problems That You Should Look Out For

Over 30,000 people suffer garage door injuries every year. This shocking statistic is among one of the reasons to look out for garage door problems. One cause of these accidents is a DIY fix for a mechanical problem. Considering that most doors weigh hundreds of pounds and open and close every day, it’s no surprise …

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What to Do if You Find a Crack in One of Your Garage Door Panels

Found a crack in your garage door? Don’t panic and start thinking you’ll need to replace the whole thing quite yet. Each garage door is different. From size, materials, and the location of the damage, different garage door panels can be fixed and repaired, while others will require panel replacement. We’ll cover what you can do to …

How to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

Quieting your garage door can be a simple as lubricating the hinges. Be sure you use garage door lubricant and not WD40. Watch Mark as he demonstrates how to do that and HEAR the difference of the before and after lubrication. Can’t see video? Click the title of this post above.

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Garage Guides: Can You Install a Garage Door Opener Yourself?

Garage door components are made to last for years, even decades. But like everything else, they will eventually wear out. This includes automatic garage door openers. Even if your current opener is functioning, you may be ready for an upgrade. Innovations in technology have brought advances in automatic door openers that afford a myriad conveniences. …