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How Do the Pros Replace a Garage Door Spring?

March 29, 2021

Are you a self-proclaimed DIYer? While there are plenty of awesome projects to complete around the house, garage door spring replacement in Katy, TX, isn’t one of them. Not only is this job complicated, but done incorrectly and you might find yourself locked out for good! Not sure if your garage door needs a repair…

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What Are Carriage Garage Doors?

February 23, 2021

Carriage house doors date back to the time of the horse and buggy. They have a rustic appearance about them that adds style to any garage. It is also advisable to leave carriage house-style garage door repair to experts. While carriage garage doors certainly look more appealing on colonial-style houses, they can fit in nicely…

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5 Telltale Signs You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement

January 19, 2021

As you hop in the car to head to work in the morning and you notice your garage door isn’t opening smoothly…that’s normal, right? Not quite. If you don’t fix the problem, a shaking garage door might stop working without any warning; and the problem may be your springs. So our garage door company has…

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8 Garage Door Security Tips You Must Know as a Homeowner

January 11, 2021

Is your garage putting your home at risk of a break-in? According to the FBI, the garage is the point of entry for around 9% of burglaries. If your garage door isn’t secure, you could be inviting danger into your home without even realizing it.  So, when it comes to securing a garage door, what…

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How to Choose a Garage Door Color to Perfectly Complement Your Home

December 28, 2020

A garage door replacement is one of the best ways to boost your curb appeal and improve your quality of life at the same time. If you’re in and out of the house often, you’ll find that newer garage doors will open far quieter and faster than the old one you’re accustomed to. Even better,…

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Should I Replace or Repair a Garage Door? How to Know

November 21, 2020

In 2018, Americans spent over $350 billion on home improvement renovations. The majority of those renovations were on small-scale projects like garage door services. Garage door repair or replacement is one small-scale, low-cost project with a big payoff. But knowing whether you need to replace or repair a garage door will have a big impact…

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Dangers to Repair Garage Door: When to Not DIY

November 15, 2020

Are you experiencing problems with your garage door? Are you considering whether or not to conduct garage door repair in Katy, TX, by yourself? As it turns out, that might not be the best idea. Not only can a DIY residential garage door project be dangerous, but it might also lead to the door experiencing…

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How Garage Door Services Can Increase Door Life Expectancy

November 9, 2020

Garage doors average a life expectancy of between 15-30 years. However, the difference between 15 years and 30 years is a huge length of time. A newly fitted garage door can cost in the region of a thousand dollars anywhere up to ten thousand dollars. This is where garage door repair services in Katy, TX,…

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Home Aesthetics Matter: How A New Garage Door Boosts Curb Appeal

November 3, 2020

Looking at the world through overly critical eyes can make a person seem judgmental, but we all do it. If you’re not convinced, think about the last time you drove through a neighborhood here in Cinco Ranch, TX. Your eyes likely honed in on the one or two front yards with a few too many…

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Garage Door Options for Your Exterior Renovation

October 28, 2020

Is your house in need of a bit of a facelift? When it comes to renovating your home, the exterior is just as important as what’s going on inside your property. You don’t want your place standing out for the wrong reasons when friends and family drive past. Sometimes a simple coat can make a…

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