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The Top Garage Door Company Serving Katy, TX, and the Nearby Areas

The Top Garage Door Company  Serving Katy, TX, and the Nearby Areas

Ohana Garage Doors is a full-service quality garage door company serving throughout the Houston area. We are a value-oriented garage door supplier, with affordable prices on everything that we provide–such is our commitment to always put our customers first! We offer same-day service as well as emergency services 24/7. Our team is experienced and qualified to handle any job, big or small. Contact us today and we would be more than happy to help you with all your door needs in the following areas that we serve:

A Look at Our Garage Door Services

Here are the industry-leading garage door services in Katy, TX, and nearby areas that we specialize in:

  • Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair

    Springs are an essential part of your garage door, and they require a thorough inspection and immediate repair or replacement as needed. Let a garage door expert from our team replace or repair your springs quickly and efficiently.

  • Garage Door Roller Replacement

    The rollers on your garage door help it to open and close smoothly. Once they start weaving, grinding, or making a lot of noise, reach out to our team to provide the exact replacement it needs.

  • Garage Door Opener Repair

    If your garage door opener is not working as intended, we can repair it for you as well. We have many openers to choose from, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

  • Garage Door Repair

    Has your garage door seen better days? Then let us repair it for you. We offer the best quality garage door services as well as a large selection of parts and accessories.

  • Garage Door Installation

    Our team can install a new garage door quickly and efficiently. We have the best team of professionals that has conducted thousands of installations.

  • Garage Door Opener Installation

    A problematic opener calls for an expert’s assistance. We offer a variety of openers and we will test the door extensively before we leave to make sure it opens and closes seamlessly after.

  • Garage Door Off Track Repair

    Off-track issues are fairly common. We will come out and take a look at the problem and see if we can help. We have the tools to address the cause of the issue and the expertise to provide foolproof solutions.

  • Garage Door Maintenance

    Rely on the licensed and insured technicians from our crew to perform garage door maintenance on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis so we can help prevent future problems.

  • Traditional Garage Doors

    We offer a wide selection of traditional garage doors in various styles, colors, and materials.

  • Carriage Style Garage Doors

    These are the most popular and modern garage door styles today. Carriage garage doors are a must-have, which is why we offer an array of different styles, colors, and materials.

  • Custom Garage Doors

    Can’t find the perfect one for your needs? Worry not, as we can simply custom-build a door for your garage needs. We have a large selection of garage door parts and accessories that can fit specific client preferences and budgets.

  • Designer Garage Doors

    For clients looking for a garage door that is both stylish and functional, we have the solution. Our designer garage doors are among the most aesthetically pleasing and fully functional today.

  • Door Design Studio

    Have you always wanted to design your garage door? The Door Design Studio will allow you to do just that. You can choose from our large selection of garage door parts and accessories, allowing you to create the garage door that suits your needs.

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Ohana Garage Doors is a family-owned and locally-operated garage door company in Katy, TX. Our after sales services include financing a $49 on-site inspection fee and free maintenance tune-up after a year on any garage door purchase. With our premium offers, it's no wonder we're the most trusted name for garage door services and selection.

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