Garage Door Installation

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The Expert for Garage Door Installation in Cinco Ranch, TX

The Expert for Garage Door Installation in Cinco Ranch, TX

Is your garage door far from its usual condition? At times, no matter how frequent the repairs are, these will no longer suffice. Whether you are dealing with a significantly damaged door or you simply want an upgrade, consult the top garage door company right away.

At Ohana Garage Door, our experts are here to guide you through the entire process, from choosing your new door to the complete installation. After all, we meet the highest possible standard when it comes to garage door installation in Cinco Ranch, TX.

Understanding Our Installation Process

An installation involves a multi-step process that requires technical knowledge, precision, and attention to detail. Before installing the new door, our experts will perform a general inspection to confirm the size of your door and identify any obstructions, including outlets or light fixtures, that might affect the mounting of the track and motor. We will then guide you in choosing the right door before proceeding with the installation, which includes a step-by-step procedure.

Importance Of Professional Installations

  • Increased Safety and Security
    Garage doors can easily be a cause of serious injuries.

  • Experienced Team
    The process requires a skilled and experienced professional to do the job correctly.

  • The Right Choices
    Make sure that you enjoy access to all the unique equipment required to install your garage door. Ohana Garage Door can help you choose the right option based on quality and your preferences.

  • Warranty
    Having a professional install your garage door allows you to enjoy the advantage of a warranty, which covers repairs and replacements.

Signs A Garage Door Installation is in Order

If your current door keeps breaking down regularly and you find yourself always calling for garage door repair, then you know it is time to consider getting a new one. It is pointless to keep putting more money into a door that is not worth it. Nevertheless, it is better to invest in a new door with little maintenance that will last for many years instead of spending on repairs that have short-term benefits.

These signs can help you know when to schedule a garage door replacement service:

  • Slow to open, reverses direction, and opens or closes by itself

  • Sagging or bent components of the garage door become more pronounced over time, interfering with the entire operation

  • Higher energy bills demonstrate poor garage door insulation or sealing, resulting in cold air or heat loss

  • Recurring loud noises during closing and opening denotes spring failure or door going off track

  • Diminishing appearance, including peeling paint, chipping, or insect infestation, leading to visible damage

  • Broken hardware or handles, including loose hinges or fraying wires, prevent your door from functioning

DIY Installation is Never the Right Option

Although an installation may seem like an effortless job to accomplish for DIY enthusiasts, the task is more complicated and requires assistance from a professional due to various reasons.

  • Risk of Injury - Garage doors are generally heavy, making the task dangerous and physically strenuous. Besides, incorrect installation of the lifting cables could result in the door falling, causing an injury.

  • Complicated Procedure - Garage door systems are relatively complex as they consist of multiple parts. Without the necessary expertise, the installation process can become tricky to figure out and complete, leading to frequent repairs in the future.

  • Need for Special Equipment - The new garage door involves using special equipment and tools, which you probably do not have in your home. Attempting to install without the right tools can cause damage to some of its parts and your home. Hiring our professionals to tackle the project will help you save more money than doing it yourself.

Count on Our Garage Door Experts

Contact Ohana Garage Door for top-quality garage door services in Cinco Ranch, TX. Our technicians are well-equipped to install a new garage door in your home securely. Call us to discover more about our products and services or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. You may also schedule an appointment for:

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