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Addressing Garage Door Off Track in Cinco Ranch, TX

Addressing Garage Door Off Track in Cinco Ranch, TX

Like a stuck zipper, off-track garage doors can be such an inconvenience, severely affecting the normal functionality of the door. It is advisable to identify the exact cause of this issue to prevent further damage and serious injuries that place your household’s safety at risk. Consult Ohana Garage Door to address the issue when you have a garage door off track in Cinco Ranch, TX.

Why a Garage Door Tends to Go Off Track

  • Poor quality tracks - If you have low-quality horizontal tracks, they are prone to wear out or misalign, causing your door to go off track. You can have a garage door supplier guide you in choosing top-quality tracks with at least 14-gauge steel to reinforce these problems.

  • Broken or worn-out rollers - When your door rollers break, they could easily throw your garage door off track undermining smooth and effective operation.

  • Forcefully hitting the door with your vehicle - Repeatedly hitting the door with your car can lead to bigger issues.

  • Lack of lubrication and cleaning of tracks - Failure to have routine garage door maintenance can prove to be costly in the long run.

Don’t Delay; Act Quickly

Rely on a garage door expert that can be certain that the entire door system will remain in good condition. Once they go off track, they will barely function, compromising the safety and security of your home. Besides, off-track garage doors get stuck and dangle unsteadily, which could pose a number of accident and injury risks.

Having a prompt garage door off track repair is essential in promoting safety and preventing expensive repairs in the future. However, do not just entrust this in the hands of an amateur or a DIY enthusiast. Leave the project to professionals like those from Ohana Garage Door for best results.

Common Signs to keep an Eye On

When your garage door goes off track, it begins producing loud squeaking noises that could indicate various issues, such as:

  • Damaged rollers

  • Broken springs

  • Misaligned tracks

  • Loose chains

Let our trusted garage door company inspect your door regularly. We can help identify these signs early before they lead to severe and more costly damage to your entire door system.

Tips on Keeping Garage Doors On Track

First, avoid hitting your garage door with your car. You can also schedule regular garage door services, including maintenance. The routine cleaning of your tracks is crucial in eliminating the accumulated dirt and foreign material. You should also check your metal hardware and lubricate all the necessary components, such as tracks, springs, rollers, hinges, and weatherstripping. Besides, tightening loose screws and bolts can help prevent your door from going off track. However, if you have an off-track door due to worn-out rollers and springs or misaligned/bent tracks, call us at Ohana Garage Door for effective and prompt repairs and replacements.

We Provide the Right Solutions

Garage door off track replacement and repairs are best left to professionals for effective and reliable services. Our experts will assess the entire door system, identifying and addressing all the necessary repairs. They disengage the opener, clean the tracks, and tighten and secure your garage door hardware while lubricating all the metal parts. We will then open the tracks using a pair of pliers and push the rollers back on track before closing them. Lastly, we will test the door to verify that the repair was successful before reconnecting the electric opener.

Work With The Top Team

Ohana Garage Door is composed of skilled and experienced experts performing all the services that you will need, from garage door maintenance to repairs. If you suspect your current system is at risk of going off its rails, call us today. You may also fill out the form to schedule an appointment for any of these other services:

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