Garage Door Maintenance

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Top-Notch Garage Door Maintenance in Cypress, TX

Top-Notch Garage Door Maintenance in Cypress, TX

Your garage door actually plays a crucial role in protecting your property and the entire household. While it provides security, it can serve as easy access to your property if you are not too careful. It could even be quite hazardous if you fail to schedule regular garage door maintenance in Cypress, TX.

That is why we recommend hiring a professional garage door supplier for regular service and care. Ohana Garage Door provides more than just a number of tips, as we can make sure that you maximize the benefits of the system through regular maintenance. We also provide:

  • Free maintenance tune-up after a year

  • Same day service available

  • Value-oriented services so you get the best value for your money

Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance saves you from unnecessary and premature garage door replacement expenses, for one thing. We can even reduce the risks of accidents caused by a faulty garage door. Most of all, you can stop worrying about more inconveniences down the road.

Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Quiet, safe, and efficient garage door operation

  • Saves you time and money spent on unexpected breakdowns and repairs

  • Keeping rust at bay

  • Increased garage door lifespan

  • Increased value for money

We recommend getting your garage door services from a trusted and professional company. DIY maintenance will not assure you of long-lasting benefits. In fact, it can even worsen any underlying problem.

Common Issues We Spot

The typical garage door issues that we spot during maintenance include cracks and breaks on the garage door, worn-out parts such as rollers and belts, rust, jerking garage doors, unusual sounds, and a garage door that opens and closes immediately. Be on the lookout for any of these signs and call a garage door expert from our crew.

Tips on Garage Door Maintenance Process

  • Regular washing of your garage door: at least twice a year or more, depending on the pollution around your area. If your door is made of wood, wipe it clean using a clean wet cloth. Additionally, look for any oily spots that may indicate excessive or leaking lubrication.

  • Removing rust from the lower sections of the garage door.

  • Regular inspection of your garage door visually and aurally. If you hear or see any warning signs, call us at Ohana Garage Door for a garage door repair, and we will quickly and efficiently fix the issue.

  • Frequent testing of your garage door's safety features such as the auto-reverse safety feature and photosensors.

What We Check During the Service

We will check if your garage door installation was done correctly. This includes safety cables, rollers, tracks, springs, nuts and bolts, chains or cables, and remote controls, particularly those mounted on walls.

Leave it to Ohana Garage Door

Here at Ohana Garage Door, we know how difficult it might be to know what to do and when to keep your garage door in check. For this reason, we have employed the best team of experienced professional technicians who have vast experience in handling virtually any kind of garage door. Being a family-owned and locally-operated garage door company, we always make sure that our services are tailor-made to meet your specific unique needs.

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