Garage Door Spring Replacement (Repair)

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Reliable Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Cypress, TX

Reliable Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Cypress, TX

As garage doors are relatively large and heavy, they require springs to counterbalance their weight. These springs are under great pressure; they can even be hazardous if not handled well. When it comes to a garage door spring replacement in Cypress, TX, it is never wise to handle it yourself. Rely on the team of experienced professionals and technical experts from Ohana Garage Door.

The Top Benefits

We are a professional, locally operated, family-owned garage door company with vast experience in a wide array of services. We give our clients the best discounts and offers. We offer financing discounts and free maintenance tune-up after a year of working with us. We even provide same-day services that are value-oriented.

Being prepared for unexpected breakdowns saves you from costly repairs down the road. For garage door spring repair in Cypress, TX, Ohana Garage Door is always available. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind by making sure that your garage door is up and running.

Signs of a Broken Spring

Some of the factors that might lead to a broken garage door spring include rust, inadequate lubrication, wear and tear, and installing low-quality springs. There are a number of telltale signs that it is either broken or about to be broken. These may be due to a garage door being slammed down when closing, an unwound and noisy spring, and a crooked, heavy, and hard-to-open door.

In addition, when the safety cables and pulley are not in the right position or when the safety locks are preventing it from coming down, these could indicate a broken door. Ohana Garage Door promises to deliver our utmost best to guarantee that your garage door spring is in its optimal condition through our garage door services.

How Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair Works

Fixing a broken garage door spring is quite simple when entrusted to the experts from our crew. First, we will focus on locating the broken spring. We will then disconnect the broken spring from the safety cables and identify either the extension or torsion spring replacement based on the weight of your garage door. Lastly, we will attach the new spring in position. Working with a professional is advisable because being under great tension, the springs might snap and cause severe injuries to you or damage to your property.

Types of Garage Door Springs

  • Extension springs are long and slender and run parallel to garage door tracks. They store their energy by extending or stretching whenever the garage door moves. Different extension garage door springs include open-looped, double-looped, and clipped-end extension springs.

  • Torsion springs vary in size and numbers depending on the weight and strength of your garage door. They are wound to different torsion springs based on these assemblies: standard, early set, and torque-master springs.

Work with the Leading Experts

Ohana Garage Door specializes in garage door spring installation, repair, and replacement. By making sure that we provide you with quality springs, we help you avoid accidents that might result from a snapped garage door spring. You get to enjoy bigger savings in both time and money. Contact our team today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We also offer:

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