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We Repair Garage Door Off Track in Fulshear, TX

We Repair Garage Door Off Track in Fulshear, TX

Once your garage door goes off track, it affects the entire door’s operation until you get to rectify the problem. Ohana Garage Door understands how frustrating it can be to settle for a broken door. Once our team finishes conducting an in-depth inspection and determining the best approach, we will be sure to address your garage door off track in Fulshear, TX.

Common Signs of Off-Track Doors

When your rollers are the problem, it is likely to hear unusual sounds such as squeaking while operating your door. Besides, the door becomes difficult to open or shut when it goes off track due to bent/misaligned tracks, worn-out rollers, damaged springs, or loose chains, among other damage. Contact Ohana Garage Door for a full inspection and we will check whether garage door off track replacement or repair is necessary.

What Causes a Garage Door to Go Off Track

Various factors can require garage door off track repair, including:

  • Loose or damaged tracks. Whenever your garage door shuts or opens, it causes a lot of vibration, which might loosen the bolts holding the tracks, leading to the door going off track. Besides, when tracks are damaged or bent, they can force the rollers out of alignment.

  • Force and Impacts. The major reason a door goes off track is when you hit it with your car.

  • Lack of lubrication and dirt. If you fail to have regular garage door maintenance, dirt might build up in the tracks, and with a lack of lubrication, the rollers are thrown off track.

Why You Need Repairs for Off-Track Doors

Garage doors going off track can be a stressful situation that jeopardizes your home security. It could even cause severe damage to you or your family with the heavy door hanging precariously. At Ohana Garage Door, we understand the significance of an off-track garage door and address it with immediate effect. Contact our team for quick and effective garage door services.

Process of Restoring an Off-Track Door

If you realize that any garage door rollers have gone off track, contact a garage door expert from our team to examine the whole system and conduct the necessary repairs. Our professionals can start by tightening and securing all your hardware, cleaning the tracks, and lubricating all the metal hardware using a silicone spray. Once the rollers are put back on track, the technician closes the door severally to check if the repair is correctly done. It is advisable to conduct regular simple preventive maintenance to be certain that the rollers will not go off track soon.

How You Can Keep Garage Doors On Track

  • Regularly clean the tracks to remove dirt that might have accumulated.

  • Make sure that the hinges, rollers, springs and tracks, and weatherstripping are periodically lubricated.

  • You should also check on the hardware and tighten all loose bolts to prevent the rollers from going off track.

  • You should also get top-quality tracks that do not easily bend or break from a renowned garage door supplier.

  • Most importantly, avoid hitting your garage door with your vehicle, as the impact can be too much.

However, if you notice misaligned tracks or other damage during preventive garage door maintenance, we will be sure to resolve the issue. We offer a full suite of solutions designed to restore any garage door’s full functionality.

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