Garage Door Opener Installation

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Garage Door Opener Installation in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Garage Door Opener Installation in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

There are different kinds of openers, including the belt drive, chain drive, jackshaft, and screw drive models. Be sure to consult the experts at Ohana Garage Door so we can guide you on which one best suits your needs. Most of all, we will make sure to conduct a safe garage door opener installation in Houston Energy Corridor, TX.

Benefits of Garage Door Openers

  • Improved Security

    Electric garage door openers allow you to lock and open your door remotely without being there. They also alert you when you forget to lock your door, and just by clicking your smartphone, you can close your garage door. This assures you that your home is secure, especially from intruders whose target entry points are garage doors.

  • Better Features

    Automatic garage door openers come with better features like a backup battery, outdoor keypads and remote operation, ultra-silent function, and security enhancement features like flashlights and sensory eyes. Other models might also include smoke detectors, temperature monitors, and laser guidance mechanisms for convenient operation.

Signs You Need a Garage Door Opener

Various signs can indicate a worn-out garage door opener and the need for a garage door opener replacement. These include:

  • Sluggish movement. If you realize that your garage door takes much longer to shut or open than usual, then this could mean that your opener is struggling to lift the door's weight and, therefore, needs replacement.

  • Weird and excessive noise. Worn-out openers produce unusual and squeaking noises. You can contact our professionals for a quick garage door opener repair, who will also advise if replacement is needed.

  • Failure to open. Sometimes your door might fail to open after you have pressed the remote button, although you hear the motor trying to function without the door opening. In addition, the door might reverse while opening or closing. These signs indicate a malfunction in the opener, which needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Old model. The new opener models have an ultra-quiet function, backup battery, remote operation, and outdoor keypads, and safety enhancement features, which are better and more convenient than the older ones. If you are using an older model, you might want to consider asking about our garage door opener services at Ohana Garage Door.

Reasons to Never Rely on DIY Efforts

Although installing a garage door opener is not a complex project, it is best to hire a pro as it is not a simple DIY task. The installation process involves using different tools and equipment and assembling different parts, which can be tiring and complicated. Besides, you need to know how much power is necessary to lift your garage door before installing an opener since openers are powered by horsepower. If installed incorrectly, it can injure you or anyone in your household. You might even end up damaging other parts of the garage door. Hiring our garage door company means a safe, effective, and timely opener installation. Moreover, you get the advantage of a warranty when you hire professionals.

What to Expect from the Opener Installation

Our team will assess the door’s operation, including the opening force, and remove the faulty opener at no extra cost. We will guide you in selecting the model that best suits your garage door and installing it, including the sensory eyes and flashlights. Upon completion, our technician has to test the garage door opener to certify that it is fully functional.

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