Garage Door Opener Repair

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Professional Garage Door Opener Repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Professional Garage Door Opener Repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Having trouble opening or closing your garage door? Schedule an appointment with Ohana Garage Door for a garage door opener repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX. Our team can quickly identify and fix the problem so that you can get back to using your garage door like normal.

Our technician will first inspect the garage door opener to see what is causing the problem. Once we identify the issue, we will make the necessary repairs and then test it to make sure that it is working well. If everything checks out, we will give you a receipt for the service, and we can be on our way. Otherwise, we may suggest a new garage door opener installation.

Significant Improvements That Go A Long Way

Garage door openers are important components that allow you to quickly get in and out of your garage. They use sensors and transmitters to detect when the remote control signal has been activated and then send a corresponding command for the garage door to go up or down. When they do not move, it is usually because the opener has stopped working. Garage doors can be heavy, so if your opener stops working, you may have trouble getting it open manually. You could also damage other parts by attempting any garage door opener services on your own.

In some cases, only part of the opener system is damaged. It may just need some simple repairs or adjustments to work again instead of needing a complete garage door opener replacement right away. However, older units sometimes break down and need prompt replacement, another reason you can rely on our team at Ohana Garage Door. We will inspect your opener to determine the problem and then provide an estimate for you. If we think that repairs are not worth it, we may recommend having your current unit replaced with a newer one instead.

An Opener Replacement Benefits You, As Well

If your garage door opener is old and outdated, it may be more cost-effective to have it replaced. Newer models offer safety features that older units did not have. They also tend to last longer than older ones because new technology helps them perform better. A garage door expert from Ohana Garage Door can help you determine whether or not replacing your current unit would be a good idea in your situation. We will provide you with an honest estimate to know exactly how much everything will cost before beginning the job.

Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs Professional Repair

A few signs may indicate you need our garage door services. One of the most common is hearing strange noises while opening or closing. If the opener seems to be working fine, but the door isn't moving, there could be a problem with the sensors. Another symptom is if you find yourself having to press the button on the remote multiple times for the door to open or close. This usually means that there is something wrong with either the transmitter or receiver.

Get in touch with your trusted garage door supplier as soon as you see any of these red flags. We can provide same-day service appointments and work diligently to get your garage door opener up and running again as quickly as possible.

Leave Your Door Opener Needs to Ohana Garage Door

We are a family-owned and locally-operated team serving different parts of the Lone Star State. We are proud to offer quality services at affordable prices. Whether you need us to install the new Liftmaster garage door opener or repair your current unit, we are well-equipped to get it done right. We also have a maintenance service package for doors and parts, including access panels, windows, lift springs, rollers, drums brackets, cables, bottom fixtures hardware, and more.

We guarantee quality service with every call. Experience matters when it comes to your safety, which is why we hire only the best employees for our garage door company. Call us or fill out the form when you need:

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