Garage Door Repair

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Prompt Garage Door Repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Prompt Garage Door Repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Never procrastinate when it comes to repairs. Ohana Garage Door is a family-owned and locally-operated company that offers only the best when it comes to garage door repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX. Our technicians provide a value-oriented service with no additional charges, leaving customers happy and satisfied.

How Our Team Works

First, we will perform a thorough inspection to identify the parts that require repair or if there is a need for a new garage door installation. After examining the rollers and tracks of your garage door, we will proceed to tighten the hardware, including screws and bolts which hold the brackets. We will also inspect the pulleys and cables for damage. We will also inform you if a full-on replacement is necessary if none of the solutions we mentioned fixes the problem.

Why It Matters

  • Prevent Accidents - Faulty garage doors are more likely to cause serious accidents. Statistics report that approximately 18,000 people get injured by their garage doors each year. Damaged garage doors can get stuck, stall or fall off, resulting in injuries.

  • Improve Home Security - Most of our clients use garage doors as their primary home entrance. Should it sustain any damage, it may fail to close completely, providing an entryway for uninvited people. Thus, it ultimately compromises your safety and that of your entire household.

  • Save Money - Postponing minor repairs is a risk that eventually leads to bigger costs. Our services make sure that all issues with your door are addressed on time, preventing further damage.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs To Be Replaced Or Repaired

These are just a few signs to look out for that you need our garage door services:

  • Slow Response Time
    Always monitor the response time of your garage door while closing or opening. The door should only take a few seconds to open or close once you click the opener. If it takes longer, call Ohana Garage Door to inspect the door springs, hinges, track lubrication, and other components.

  • Makes Loud Noises
    Although garage doors are generally noisy, certain noise levels like rumbling might be extreme, an indication that some parts of your garage door badly need repairs.

  • Door Comes Off Track
    Your garage door should always operate within the tracks fixed on both sides of the door. However, if you notice the garage door has slipped off its track, then this should be an immediate warning to replace or repair the necessary parts.

  • Failure to Shut or Open.
    A clear sign that your garage door needs the help of an expert is when it fails to shut or open properly. Contact our professionals for top-notch garage door replacement and repairs.

Common Causes of Garage Door Issues

  • Broken Springs or Cables - Regular use of garage doors can result in the wearing down of springs and wire cables, which facilitate the upward and downward movement, leading to damage of the garage door.

  • Worn Rollers or Hardware - Rollers allow the garage door to move smoothly. Once the rollers are worn out, the garage door moves bumpily or rough, causing malfunction. Hardware such as hinges and bolts could also wear down over time, necessitating simple fixes like lubrication and tightening of parts.

  • Bent/Misaligned Track - Garage doors may shift from their metal tracks while closing or opening leading to a malfunction, hence, the need for repair or replacement.

  • Electrical Issues - Fuse blowing, damaged wires, or water damage may lead to your electric garage door opener breaking down, requiring repair.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Professionals

Once your garage door fails to open as smoothly as intended, then know that it is time to get in touch with Ohana Garage Door. Our garage door repair company even offers emergency assistance. Working with our team also assures you of impeccable service, so that means you will not have to worry about invalidating any warranties. You can also expect same-day service.

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