Garage Door Roller Replacement

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Cost-Effective Garage Door Roller Replacement in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Cost-Effective Garage Door Roller Replacement in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

It cannot be overstated how important it is to change your garage door rollers frequently. In doing so, you can be sure that the entire system is perfectly aligned. Contact our professionals at Ohana Garage Door for reliable garage door roller replacement in Houston Energy Corridor, TX. We offer the most effective solutions without having to worry about your budget.

The Role of the Door Roller

A garage door roller supports the smooth sliding motion of the entire unit when opening or closing. Rollers support the smooth functioning of the garage door and maintain door alignment. A door that is unaligned vibrates excessively when opening or closing will lead to a number of inconveniences. Consequently, the garage door might run off its hinges and pose a significant health and safety threat. Lastly, unaligned garage doors can cause further damage to your entire door. With these in mind, reach out to a garage door supplier at the first sign of trouble.

How Beneficial is a Door Roller Replacement?

Whether it is an overhead or a facility door roller replacement, the service minimizes the wear and tear of the current system and reduces costs associated with extensive repairs. Thus, door systems with working rollers have a longer service life.

Additionally, an overhead door roller replacement done promptly reduces the cost of maintenance. Efficient rollers minimize the noise by providing smoother, safer, and quieter operations. These also improve security by minimizing the risks of intrusion into the garage.

When To Ask About Replacement

Different garage door rollers have distinct life spans as indicated by their cycle ratings. For instance, nylon rollers can work effectively for an estimated 10,000 cycles, which is equivalent to six to seven years. Steel rollers could last between 10 and 15 years assuming you provide adequate maintenance. We advise you to change them once they are close to their estimated lifespan even if wear and tear may not be apparent. Besides, when opening or closing is characterized by vibrations and shaking, it would be appropriate for a door roller replacement.

The Steps We Take

Our garage door company follows a set of steps complete with all the necessary tools to have the best outcome. We always begin by disconnecting the power source and unplugging the garage door opener for health and safety purposes. We will then unwind the springs using a winding bar after which we need to replace hinges and rollers while the door is in the “down” position. The next step involves removing the garage door rollers, which involves loosening the screws that hold the hinges, then tapping the hinge gently with a hammer to release it from the roller. Next, our experts will replace the existing rollers with brand-new ones before winding the springs back.

4 Major Classifications

  • Plastic Rollers - consisting of hard plastic and usually lack ball bearings, these provide a low-cost solution since they are relatively cheaper.

  • Steel Rollers - appropriate for industrial purposes since they last longer than plastic rollers, but may fail to provide quiet and smooth operations and require regular lubrication.

  • Nylon Rollers - made of heavy-duty nylon and is more durable than plastic. They also provide a quiet experience and can last for an estimated 10 to 15 years.

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The importance and sensitivity of replacing door rollers require the assistance of a garage door expert. Ohana Garage Door brings a significant wealth of experience to support all your needs, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. We also have a wide variety of rollers to select from including commercial door roller replacement, complementing our highly trained team to assist in every step of the replacement process.

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