Garage Door Spring Replacement (Repair)

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Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Houston Energy Corridor, TX

Garage door springs carry a lot of tension since they are accountable for lightening the load. A heavy door pushes down on the springs when lowering to the ground, thus creating tension. This same tension makes it easier for a driver to open the door using the opener. All garage doors, whether automatic or manual, have springs that facilitate operation. Without these, you would end up struggling to lift a garage door that is about 400 pounds.

Keep in mind that springs come in different sizes and strengths to match the weight and size of the garage door. Gradually, the metal springs wear out due to fatigue, leading to breakage. Even without seeing or hearing a spring break, you may find out that these are broken when the door refuses to lift using the opener or by hand. Once this happens, contact our professionals at Ohana Garage Doors for top-notch and timely garage door spring replacement in Houston Energy Corridor, TX.

Benefits of Our Spring Replacement and Repair Services

While you may think that maintaining a garage door might be easy, repairing it is not a simple task, more so the replacement of its springs. Our garage door services help minimize the overall inconvenience and eradicate any potential safety issues for you and your family. Keep in mind that this is not a DIY task. As mentioned, these springs operate under extreme tension to counterbalance the door’s actual weight.

Besides, multiple parts require disconnecting and reattaching when repairing or replacing your garage door springs. That makes it all the more crucial to hire Ohana Garage for best results, as we specialize in garage door spring installation, among other services.

Check if Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

Certain signs may help you identify when your door’s springs are broken. For instance, when your garage door is heavy and difficult to open and refuses to stay up by itself, chances are there is a problem. The door might also appear crooked or bent at the top, indicating worn-out springs. You may also identify some jerky movements while opening your garage door, during which the springs make loud noises. The pulley and safety cables can also become loose and hang down when the springs are broken; perhaps the garage door slams down while closing. If you notice any or multiple of these signs, feel free to reach out to us for the best garage door spring repair that you will experience.

How We Decide if Repair or Replacement is the Better Option

Our technicians will first open the garage door to remove the spring tension and lock the door in place. We will then disconnect the opener and mark the initial pulley placements using tape. After that, they detach the spring from the pulley and track bracket, as well as the safety cable from old springs. Our garage door company will guide you in identifying the spring replacement you require depending on the door’s weight. The final step involves testing the garage door with the new springs to see if it works correctly.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two major classifications of garage door springs:

  • Extension Springs

    These are long and skinny and run parallel to the door tracks. Extension springs store energy through stretching or extending when the door moves. These can also be further classified into:

    • Open-looped extension spring
    • Double-looped extension spring
    • Clipped-end extension spring
  • Torsion Springs

    Your garage door can have one to four of these types of springs based on its weight, size, and strength. Such springs sit on the metal shaft directly above the garage door opening. Besides, they are tied to different torsion settings depending on their assembly. The assemblies include:

    • Standard torsion spring
    • Early-set torsion spring
    • Torque-master torsion spring

Count on the Top Experts

Working with Ohana Garage Doors means leaning on experts who have experience, who use the right equipment like safety cables and particular tools, and who take all the essential precautions to protect your garage door and property. We also provide a variety of door services, including the repair and replacement of the extension or torsion springs. Contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We also provide:

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