Garage Door Maintenance

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Routine Garage Door Maintenance in Houston, TX

Routine Garage Door Maintenance in Houston, TX

Neglecting the garage door can place a lot of stress on your opener, rollers, and springs, leading to expensive repairs in the future. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain your garage door as it will save you money while enhancing the functionality and lifespan of your door. Let Ohana Garage Door provide you with the best services when in need of garage door maintenance in Houston, TX.

How Important Is It?

Maintaining your garage door is as crucial as preventative maintenance on other components in your property. Regular maintenance enables you to discover minor issues with your door before they escalate into more costly repairs. For instance, your garage door expert can identify if your door is misaligned during the maintenance procedure and rectify the problem before the track bends and requires replacement.

A well-maintained garage door system also enhances the safety and security of your home as the technician addresses all wear and tear issues that might affect your door’s normal functionality. Our team will make sure that we provide you with the best garage door services to enhance the value of your home and maximize the lifespan of your door system.

How Do You Benefit from It?

Effectively monitoring your garage door system helps you identify when the tracks are dirty and need to be cleaned, thus, preventing damage to the entire door system. Besides, you can always determine when the bolts and screws are loose and need lubrication. This helps minimize wear and friction on your garage door's hardware, not to mention avoid a premature need for garage door replacement.

Ohana Garage Door can also update you on the latest features and technologies, such as the smartphone app that facilitates your garage door opening. Routine maintenance also reinstates the look of your home, boosting its value. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection so we can address all your needs, whether it requires a garage door repair or replacement.

What Do We Check?

Our team can easily spot some common issues, such as:

  • A door that fails to shut or open completely, indicating a problem with the door's springs, track, opener, or balance

  • Old or damaged springs, which are also likely to stretch out after some time, thus, slowing the door’s functionality

  • Weird sounds while operating the door, which might result from poor lubrication, loosened bolts/screws, or damaged springs

  • Dysfunctional photo sensors that hinder the door from closing

  • Garage door opener problems, including faulty transmitters, dead remote batteries, broken wires, and wall switches

Be sure to…

  • Thoroughly clean the garage door track using a clean damp cloth, then dry it before applying a lubricant. Cleaning the track removes the dirt and foreign materials that have accumulated in the tracks causing the door to stick or make weird noises.

  • Lubricate all essential parts. The garage door system integrates many different metallic components such as rollers, hinges, chain rail and track, ball bearings, armbar, lock, nubs, and stems. These parts require regular lubrication to reduce noise and provide a protective cover against moisture that results in corrosion and rust. Contact your garage door supplier to guide you in choosing the best lubricant for your door.

  • Install the weather seals, as this is crucial in preventing moisture from entering the garage.

  • Realign the garage door sensors. When these are knocked out of line, they hinder operation. Check them regularly and gently push them in a suitable position and direction.

  • Reset the garage door opener when your door fails to open or close correctly.

  • Inspect cables, rollers, and springs for damage and test your garage door balance.

  • Tighten the hardware like loose bolts and other mechanical parts of the door.

In case of damaged or worn-out parts such as springs and rollers, we can advise you whether a repair is sufficient or if there is a need for a replacement. If your garage door is also old and causing multiple issues, our team will guide you through the new garage door installation and advise you on its maintenance.

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Ohana Garage Door has knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed with every garage door system's inspection, service, and maintenance. Our team is always available for your repairs, replacements, and installation of all the necessary parts of your door. We also offer a warranty, which is beneficial as it helps save on extra costs if your garage door malfunctions within the warranty period.

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