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Is Your Garage Door Off Track in Houston, TX?

Is Your Garage Door Off Track in Houston, TX?

When your garage door goes off track, it compromises the entire door’s functionality. This can even be hazardous to operate, leading to severe injuries. Being aware of any possible issues that can affect your household’s safety is paramount. Consult Ohana Garage Door immediately when dealing with a garage door off track in Houston, TX.

What Causes a Garage Door to Go Off Track?

Worn-out rollers are also likely to go off track and need immediate garage door off track repair. Other causes of your garage door going off the rails are:

  • Damaged or loose tracks

    When your garage door operates, it experiences vibration that could loosen the bolts and screws that hold the tracks in place, causing the door to go off track. Besides, damaged or bent tracks could quickly force the rollers out of alignment.

  • Dirt and poor lubrication

    If you have not been cleaning your door tracks and lubricating them regularly as part of garage door maintenance, then your rollers are likely going to be a source of issues.

  • Forceful impact

    If you frequently bump your garage door with your vehicle, you are likely to cause damage gradually.

Importance Of Repairs

Garage doors going off track could be dangerous, causing greater damage to the whole system. When you notice any of these symptoms, ask our garage door company to inspect and repair all plausible issues. We will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the issue and recommend the right repair approach.

Your garage door supplier may also guide you in choosing the best lubricant for your metal hardware. Doing so will aid you in preventing wear and tear of essential parts that help keep your door on track. Besides, prompt repair prevents further damage to your door, saving you more costly services in the future.

Common Signs of Off Track Problems

Off-track garage doors are likely to get stuck and hang loosely. In addition, when the rollers go off track, your garage door will create odd noises. This could probably mean damaged rollers or springs, bent coils, and loose chains. You will need to reach out to Ohana Garage Door so we can provide the garage door services that can resolve the issue.

Tips on Keeping Garage Doors On Track

Simple preventive maintenance tips courtesy of a garage door expert could go a long way in minimizing the risks. Cleaning your door tracks removes dirt and foreign matter that could prevent your door's regular operation. Moreover, routine lubrication of the rollers, tracks, hinges, springs, and other metal hardware could prevent noisy operation and other damage to your door.

Don’t hesitate to call our team so we can determine if garage door off track replacement or repair is needed. Understanding why your garage door went off-track is the first step. Our technicians will then disconnect the electric opener to try things manually. Next, we will align the door up the rollers off track and clamp the door in place. We will clean the tracks as well as lubricate and tighten all the hardware. Once the process is done, we will conduct another test to make sure the repair was effective before reconnecting the door opener.

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