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The Top Expert for Garage Door Repair in Houston, TX

The Top Expert for Garage Door Repair in Houston, TX

Several things can go wrong with your garage door. Sometimes, it won't open or close the way it should. There will be instances when it might make strange noises when trying to operate it. This means the door needs professional repair. Take comfort in knowing that Ohana Garage Door is here to deliver the solutions that you need, as we specialize in garage door repair in Houston, TX.

We can take care of broken parts, such as the springs, cables, or hinges. If the opener is malfunctioning, it might be necessary to replace it. In some cases, you might require a complete garage door replacement. No matter what you need, it is advisable to get in touch with our local experts for prompt and professional solutions.

Importance of Prompt Repairs

If you're having any functional problems with your garage door, it's important to get it fixed as soon as possible. A malfunctioning garage door can be a hazard and even cause damage to your property. Garage doors are weighty – these can easily injure someone if they fall on them. In addition, a broken garage door can allow pests or unwanted creatures into your home.

Signs to Look Out For

A few signs can indicate that your garage door needs quick repair or replacement. If your door is difficult to open or close, is making strange noises, or has experienced any form of damage, it's probably time for a tune-up. If your garage door is more than a few years old, it might be time for another round of garage door installation. Ohana Garage Door provides newer models that are much more energy-efficient than older ones. They also come with added safety features. Our advice is to have your garage door regularly serviced by our team, especially if you use it frequently.

Biggest Causes of Common Issues

Among the most common causes of garage door problems are:

  • Malfunctioning Opener

    If the motor on your opener is defective or worn out, it might not be able to lift the door the right way. This can cause the door to stop halfway up or down, or it might not open or close at all.

  • Broken Springs

    The springs on a garage door are responsible for lifting the door. If one of these sustains a break, the door will be too heavy for the opener to lift. This can cause the door to become stuck in either the open or closed position.

  • Damaged Cables

    The cables that connect the opener to the door can also break or come loose. This will prevent the opener from being able to move the door correctly.

  • Loose Joints

    Once any of the joints on your garage door become loose, they can cause problems with movement and operation. At that point, you need to reach out to Ohana Garage Door to provide you with the necessary garage door services.

  • Accidental Damage

    Garage doors can be damaged accidentally by people, vehicles, or animals.

The Main Benefits

Ohana Garage Door is a garage door repair company that has the experience and expertise to fix your door quickly and efficiently. We have access to high-quality parts and tools that might not be available to the average homeowner. Working with our team can save you time and money, as we are committed to fixing the problem in one visit. You can also consult us on how to maintain your garage door and prevent future problems.

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If you're having garage door problems, have them fixed as soon as possible. A damaged door can be a safety hazard, and it can also cause damage to your property. If you need garage door repair in Houston TX, reach out to us or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We are a family-owned and locally-operated company that offers excellent services and guarantees value for your money. We also specialize in:

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