Garage Door Opener Repair

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Dependable Garage Door Opener Repair in Katy, TX

Dependable Garage Door Opener Repair in Katy, TX

A garage door opener ramps up the convenience level as it allows you to open and lock the garage area remotely without having to leave your vehicle or being present physically. However, these are prone to damage with their regular use, thus affecting their routine operation. Fortunately, you can count on the Ohana Garage Door team to repair or replace it in case of damage. Contact our experts for the best garage door opener services.

Importance of Our Repair Service

The opener includes various parts, such as a remote, wall switch, sensors, among other internal gears that facilitate the door's functions automatically. A damaged opener can be a significant source of inconvenience because you have to close and open the garage door manually. On top of that, a faulty opener increases the risk of injury and further damage to other door parts, leading to even more costly repairs. Should your garage door opener malfunction, it is essential to have us conduct a garage door opener repair in Katy, TX, promptly to get the mechanism working correctly, prevent additional issues, and further enhance its functionality.

If Repairs Will No Longer Suffice

If your garage door opener malfunctions regularly, consider having it replaced with a new one. Among the benefits of a garage door opener replacement are:

  • Reduced noise

    The new opener models are very convenient due to their ultra-silent operation.

  • Increased safety and security

    New garage door openers function effectively without problems, thus, upgrading the level of home safety.

  • Better features

    Replacing your garage door with the new opener models allows you to experience the many additional features that come with it. These include photosensory eyes, WiFi capability, remote operation, and fingerprint detection, enhancing your experience when operating your garage door.

  • Safety reversal system

    When you consult our garage door company, ask us about the safety reversal mechanism that involves two sensors with flashlights on either side of the door that help prevent damage or injury by detecting objects, pets, or persons under the door.

  • Backup batteries

    Having a garage door supplier replace your opener can allow you to set up a battery backup. This will prove to be beneficial during power outages.

Red Flags? Ask Us About Professional Repair

The failure of the garage door to respond after engaging the open or close function on your remote is the reddest of red flags that should be remedied quickly with a new garage opener installation. Faulty openers will also have it opening halfway then begin to reverse, which undermines everyone’s safety. Your opener might also make loud squeaking noises when operating, alarming you on the need to check it and have it repaired before it causes more severe damage.

If you are using an old opener model, you are likely to experience various problems affecting the full functionality of your door. It is advisable to replace it with a newer model, such as the Liftmaster garage door opener. This model integrates better features that you will certainly notice and enjoy.

Let Us Show You How We Work

Since the opener integrates multiple parts, our technicians will need to thoroughly inspect your opener system to identify the damaged components that need repair. You might have wiring issues causing problems with the remotes or wall switch, which we can also address. Additionally, the internal gears might be worn out, thus causing loud, weird noises in your current opener. Once we address all issues, our garage door expert will test the automatic garage door opener to assure you that it works correctly.

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