Garage Door Spring Replacement (Repair)

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Timely Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Richmond, TX

Timely Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair in Richmond, TX

Garage door springs are crucial elements that offset the entire door’s weight, making it easy to open or close. These springs build up tension to counterbalance the weight of the door when you close it, which is then released when you open the door. They serve as a safety mechanism that prevents the door from falling accidentally. When in need of garage door spring repair in Richmond TX, even if you only suspect an issue, look no further than Ohana Garage Door.

Benefits of Our Services

Garage door springs function under excessive tension to offset your door's weight. Once these wear out or break down, it is essential to contact Ohana Garage Door for safe and reliable repair or replacement. Our services are fast and reliable, assuring you of convenience and eliminating the potential safety issues for you and your family. Besides, the process is complex, requiring a pro who is familiar with dealing with such problems. Rest assured that our technicians are well trained to handle all types of garage door needs, including garage door spring replacement in Richmond, TX.

Signs The Spring is Broken

When your garage door springs break, you are likely to notice:

  • Uneven opening - Garage doors have springs on both sides. When your door opens unevenly, it means that one of the springs is broken.

  • Corrosion or rust - The springs of your door are made of metal and, therefore, prone to rusting/corrosion. Rusting weakens the springs’ integrity leading to breaks.

  • Weakened springs - Your garage door springs are expected to wear out after some time due to regular use. If your garage door begins to shut on its own after opening it, this indicates weakened springs that are likely to break, hence, the need for replacement.

  • Creaking noise - When springs wear out, they start to make squeaking noises, hence, the need for repair or replacement.

How We Perform the Work

The process of spring repair and replacement is complicated but can be made easy when you rely on our garage door services. Our experts will first inspect your entire garage door system to identify all the problems that we will need to address. Afterward, we have to disconnect the automatic opener and then open the garage door manually to release the tension from the springs and lock the door in place. We will use tape to mark the initial placements of the pulley before detaching the springs from the track bracket and safety cable. We will also be sure to help in choosing the best springs to suit your door. Next, we will attach the spring to the track bracket and thread the safety cable. The pulley and safety cables are then reattached according to the markings made and the clamps removed. We then proceed with reconnecting the electric opener and testing the garage door's functionality.

About Your Springs

Multiple garage door springs are generally classified as either extension or torsion springs.

  • Extension Springs

    These kinds of springs store energy by stretching or extending. Every door has two extension springs, each on either side running parallel to the horizontal track. More weight comes off the horizontal track when the door is shut, adding tension to the stretched extension springs. Extension springs are further categorized depending on the types of ends, including open looped, double looped, and clipped ends. The open looped extension springs rely on an open wire at the end and are the easiest to change. Double-loop end springs have two coils at the end of the spring linking them to the eyebolt and pulley, making them stronger than open loops. Clipped ends are the most durable as the clips place minimal stress on the spring, making them effective for heavy doors. However, they can be quite problematic to replace.

  • Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs utilize torque to prop the garage door rather than extend. Your garage door's weight, size, and strength determine the number of torsion springs installed, varying between one and four. Such springs are fitted on the metal shaft right above the door opening. The aluminum drums are then placed on each metal shaft end. Such springs come in different measurements. Ohana Garage Door will calculate your garage door's height, weight, and material and install the correct torsion springs that perfectly match your door.

Consulting a top-tier garage door company is essential as it provides fast and reliable garage door services. This saves you time and money as professionals inspect your entire garage door system and fix all the issues based on their severity. Besides, garage doors are quite heavy, and operating the door could jeopardize your safety and that of your family when the springs are broken.

Contact us today to experience the best garage door spring installation. We have the right tools and knowledge in handling such issues, promoting overall safety. Our company will also offer you a warranty, which will save you extra costs if your garage door experiences more problems within the warranty period. You may also call us or fill out the form when you need:

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