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We Provide Speedy & Expert Garage Door Maintenance For Residential Overhead Doors

Garage door maintenance in Katy, TX, and nearby areas is the “ounce of prevention” that keeps your garage door and opener in tip-top working condition. Our garage door maintenance includes inspections and adjustments that help prevent more dangerous, costly, and inconvenient breakdowns. Nothing is more frustrating than to have your car trapped in your garage by a garage door off its track. Our maintenance service helps prevent that type of repair and more. Call 281-623-4335 to schedule a garage door adjustment and to learn more about regular maintenance.


Ohana Garage Doors is a full-service garage door repair and service company serving the Houston, West Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas. We specialize in the service and repair of residential garage doors. Our professionals perform regular, periodic maintenance to ensure your doors operate trouble-free. We provide this and other services in:

The Expert in Garage & Overhead Door Maintenance

We offer the following garage door services to keep your garage doors operating quietly and reliably:

  • Residential garage door maintenance and inspections

  • Door parts replacements (rollers/springs/openers)

  • Regular garage door maintenance programs

Did you know your garage door needs regular maintenance? Well, it does. Some things homeowners can do for themselves, others are best left to a professional garage door supplier. Here are some things you can do on your own to keep your door maintained.

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Regular Garage Door Maintenance Prevent Breakdowns

How Often Do You Need Maintenance On Your Doors? That’s a good question! And it really depends on your situation, the type of doors, how frequently they are used, and what type of environment they are operated in after the garage door installation. If a door is only used a couple of times per week, it will need less frequent maintenance than a door that is cycled dozens of times per day. After an initial inspection of your door system, we’ll be able to put together a solid maintenance plan along with any recommendations for upgrades or repairs.

Trust Only Ohana Garage Doors

When you choose Ohana Garage Doors, you are choosing well-qualified technicians and the customer service of a small, local, family-run garage door company. We are large enough to serve all of your door services needs, and we’re still small enough to treat you as if you were our only customer and make sure you’re 110% satisfied with our services.

Whether you have a single garage door in your home or multiple garage doors, we can provide garage door tune-up services to keep your doors in operating order. Contracting a garage door maintenance program is usually less expensive than making repairs from abnormal wear and tear when a garage door is not adjusted or even full-on garage door replacement.

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