Should I Replace or Repair a Garage Door? How to Know

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Repair a Garage Door Katy - Ohana Garage Door Repair

In 2018, Americans spent over $350 billion on home improvement renovations.

The majority of those renovations were on small-scale projects like garage door services. Garage door repair or replacement is one small-scale, low-cost project with a big payoff.

But knowing whether you need to replace or repair a garage door will have a big impact on what the cost will be. If you’re looking to improve your curb appeal but you’re not sure which of the two you need, read on to learn what signifies a repair and what signifies a replacement.

When Can You Repair a Garage Door?

Some garage door problems only require repair, which will save you a lot of money. If your door has any of the below problems, call a professional to have them diagnosed and fixed properly.

1. The Door Is Heavier

Garage doors are very heavy, that’s why they use springs. Those springs bear the weight of the door, so the lift motor doesn’t.  Motors aren’t designed to bear the weight, as it can strip the gears and wear it out prematurely.

If your door feels heavier than usual, you may have a broken spring, or your springs have begun to wear. No longer able to bear the same weight, you’ll need to adjust or replace the springs.

2. Physical Damage to Panels

If you’ve backed into your door and damaged a panel, you may only need a garage door repair depending on the extent of the damage. But be sure not to leave a damaged panel for too long, as the damage can strain the system and over time cause other problems increasing the cost of repair.

3. Unbalanced

You can tell your door is unbalanced if your door doesn’t operate evenly, or it looks like one side is lower than the other when the door is closed halfway. This can be a sign that one of your springs is worn. This puts a strain on your garage door opener or can cause the door to come of track. If your door is unbalanced, be sure to have your garage door looked at immediately!

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Garage Door

There are some problems that require a garage door replacement in Katy, TX. If your door has significant damage and the cost of repairs adds up to more than a replacement, or you’re looking to sell your home, consider a replacement.

1. Significant Damage

If you have significant damage to multiple panels, and you have significant damage to a number of different components, then you are likely looking at a garage door replacement.

Figure out how much the repairs would cost you. If the cost is higher than what a new garage door would cost with installation, then a replacement makes the most sense and is the best solution to address the problem long term than garage door maintenance.

2. You’ve Been Having Problems for a While

If you’re currently thinking about whether to fix a new problem, think about how many repairs you’ve had to do in the last few years. Consider how much those repairs have cost you in dollars and inconvenience. If the cost of the newest repair is adding up to more than a new garage door installation, then buying a new garage door is a sound decision, and will resolve your problems once and for all.

3. You’re Looking to Sell

Some renovations add very little to the value of your home in comparison to how much they cost. A garage door is a huge part of a home’s curb appeal, which is the first impression potential buyers get when they look at your home. A new door can potentially be a huge upgrade to your curb appeal, and at a fair cost.

Repair or Replacement, We’ve Got You Covered

You can repair a garage door if the physical damage is minimal, if it’s unbalanced, or if the springs have worn. But if your garage door has significant damage, the cost of repairs is greater than a new door, or you’re looking to sell, then you’re better off with a garage door replacement.

Whichever it is, our garage door company got you covered. Contact us for a quote today.

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