The Cost Of Custom Garage Doors: Is It Worth The Investment?

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Size matters when looking for a garage door, but it’s not the only factor influencing its cost. Garage doors have many variations, from the door style to the material to the insulation level. And because of this, customization prices vary.

Here, you’ll learn about three major cost factors that can help you estimate how much your custom garage door will cost.

Type of Garage Door

When your new garage door complements your home’s exterior, you improve your home’s curb appeal, and increase your property value. Ideally you’d want to choose a garage door type that’s both attractive and functional. 

Here are some of the most popular garage door types, along with details on how they operate.

  • Tilt-up garage door: Instead of panel sections, this door type uses one solid piece of material. It is often manually operated and is available in fully retractable designs and varieties that form a small canopy over the entrance to the garage. 
  • Roll-up garage door: Roll up garage doors are guided along a track and roll up into a bundle. They are sturdy and low maintenance and often used in commercial settings..
  • Glass “Full View” garage door: Aluminum or steel frames hold glass panels in this sectional-type garage door. Full view doors use a track system to open / close, just like the sectional garage doors. 
  • Sectional garage door: A sectional garage door is composed of multiple panels that are hinged together. Sectional garage doors use a track system with rollers for a smooth performance. These are the most commonly found type in the Houston metro and surrounding area.


Besides the commonly used steel or aluminum, there are other materials you can choose from. Glass doors are trendy and stylish. These doors are solid and provide a stylish finish to a modern looking home. 

Wood doors can offer a range of looks from sophisticated elegance to rustic modern. Be aware that, over time, wood-based doors tend to need more upkeep. So be sure to consider long-term expenses and maintenance needs when selecting the material for your garage door.

For proper installation, all garage doors should be installed by a professional. Before choosing a contractor, be sure they have previous experience with the type of garage door you’ve chosen.

Degree of Insulation

If you use your garage as a workshop or would like to keep it climate controlled, it’s ideal to choose a door with insulation. Commonly, polystyrene or polyurethane is used in one or more layers to insulate garage doors. The denser the insulation, as well as the thicker layers over the insulation, the more effective it will be at regulating temperature.

Keep in mind that some of the more expensive materials used in garage doors, such as glass and wood, may be harder to insulate. You can expect that the higher the R-value, the more you can expect to spend.

Perks of Custom Garage Doors

You might be uncertain about whether purchasing a new custom garage door is worthwhile. The range of cost on a custom garage door can vary greatly, but there is sure to be something that fits every budget. They will cost more than your average pan garage door, but they come with several perks that make them a worthy investment. 

To help you make a choice, you may want to consider the following perks:

1. Boost your property’s curb appeal.

Your garage door has the power to improve or impair the curb appeal of your property. Nothing negatively affects the image of your house more than an old garage door that is chipped, dented, faded, or weathered. Additionally, a garage door that does not complement the home’s exterior can also degrade the property value.

Custom garage doors can be designed to meet your needs, preferences, and budget. As a result, it’s easier than you think to choose a design that both enhance the curb appeal and is kind to your wallet.

2. Spend less on monthly utility bills.

Since they are more energy-efficient than standard garage doors, insulated custom garage doors can help you save money on heating and cooling, especially if you intend to heat or cool your garage! Insulated custom garage doors are also more durable and quieter, which, if you have a two-story home, can be a very big deal. We think investing in higher-quality materials for your custom garage door can, over time, generate savings that offset the expense.

3. Generate better resale value.

The garage door accounts for a significant percentage of the property’s exterior. When prospective buyers visit your property, it is frequently the first thing they notice. Undoubtedly, a  new garage door that highlights the design and construction of your property will provide a high return on investment. A well-kept exterior of a home combined with an attractive garage door is certainly more appealing to potential buyers, greatly improving the chances of a sale.

4. Protect your family.

Modern custom garage doors are well-built with innovative measures that help guard against inclement weather and break-ins. Garage doors are the largest moving part in your home, and are the largest door into your home. Installing a more durable garage door, like a custom garage door, is another level of fortification for your home, protecting your family and your belongings.

5. Reduce noise.

Garage door components degrade over time, causing increased noise, vibration, and friction. Older garage doors are usually quite noisy. Modern custom garage doors operate quietly and smoothly, giving you a more peaceful atmosphere. This improvement is especially beneficial if the garage is underneath a bedroom or nursery.

6. Provide an area of recreation.

For some homeowners, the garage door isn’t for cars but for activities. Whether you use it as a gym, craft room, mancave, garden shed, workshop, play area, or for other creative purposes, an insulated custom garage door can upgrade this area. New garage door windows also provide more light and create a welcoming ambiance.

Are Custom Garage Doors Worth the Investment?

Custom garage doors’ value will depend on your individual needs and budgetary conditions. Although they can cost more than standard garage doors, they offer several advantages that make them valuable to your property. 

To discover more about custom garage door options, give Ohana a call. We will be happy to work with you to select a door that works with the design of your home as well as your budget. We can even superimpose your selected door onto your current garage door to help visualize what it will look like!

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