The Importance of Regular Garage Door Roller Inspection

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What are Garage Door Rollers?

The smooth opening and closing of the garage door is made possible by the garage door rollers, which also secure the garage door to the tracks. As long as everything is working correctly, when you hit the wall button to open the garage door, you probably don’t give the rollers much thought.
Regular routine maintenance and inspections at minimum once a year keep your system working day in and day out, year after year. Without it, your rollers may start to bind up and no longer glide smoothly down the tracks. Left unchecked, it can cause issues with the performance of your garage door.

3 Signs Your Rollers Need to Be Replaced

Garage Door Moves Off-Center

Identifying the need for new rollers on your garage door is easy. Since the garage door rollers aid in keeping the door in perfect alignment, it needs to remain aligned for it to work properly. If your garage door routinely moves out of its tracks or goes out of alignment whenever you open or close it, it’s time to change the rollers.

Strong Vibration While Operating

Seamless opening and closing of your garage door is ideal. Unfortunately, garage door rollers can eventually wear out and may cause the door to shake, shimmy, stutter, or vibrate violently while opening or closing the door.
Has an expert checked your garage door lately? If you are experiencing these symptoms, your rollers may need to be replaced.

Remarkably Loud

When your garage door starts to make an excessive amount of noise, it’s time to take action. Remarkably loud noises may indicate that your rollers are rusting. It can also suggest that you need to lubricate your garage door hardware.
Never put off garage door repairs. Leaving garage door issues unattended can make them extremely dangerous, and often will cause bigger more costly repairs in the long run.


Benefits of Conducting Regular Garage Door Roller Inspection 

The garage door is an integral part of your home. It allows quick access into your house while protecting the contents of your garage and vehicles. Even if your garage door rollers are functional, they must be regularly inspected, as minor changes can have serious implications.
Proper maintenance increases the lifespan of all your garage door’s components and lowers the likelihood of a breakdown. To learn more, here are three benefits of inspecting your garage door rollers regularly:

Avoid Unexpected Repairs

A garage is a space known for storing valuables other than cars. If your door rollers break, you run the risk of having to leave your garage door open overnight until help arrives. Most people only make repairs when it is an emergency situation, which is typically costlier and never at a convenient time. Regular garage door inspections from the professionals at Ohana Garage Doors help avoid unexpected and costly repairs.

Focus on Safety

Garage doors are designed to keep your home protected.
Homeowners that perform regular maintenance on their garage doors, reduce the possibility of the rollers breaking, rusting, or failing. Faulty garage door rollers are a common cause of garage doors coming off track, putting your property and family at risk.
Through regular inspections, problems can be spotted and treated well before the threat of a disaster.

Bring Down Costs

Homeowners that do not regularly evaluate their garage doors but wait until something fails, are not only inviting problems, but the real possibility of multiple and costly repairs.
Afterhours emergency fees, in addition to repair costs, can be quite a shock. When you conduct regular inspections, you can address any minor issues before they grow into bigger ones, helping you reduce costs.

Professional Garage Door Roller Services

Aside from a simple visual inspection, performing garage door servicing alone can be risky, therefore, we advise you to leave it to the experts.
Several parts, including the springs and wires, are under extreme tension and if unexpectedly released can cause damage to the door and it has the potential to harm nearby people and property.
It is always advised to have skilled professionals perform the necessary servicing to ensure your rollers, and door, operate at their best all year round! Here is what you can expect when you reach out to us:

  • Visual inspection

Our vetted and trained technicians will perform a comprehensive visual inspection to look for chipping, cracking, corrosion, and other physical damage. They will check the hinges, cables, springs, and other relevant parts. They will check the balance of the door, and lastly, they will check the opener’s performance, testing that its safety features are in working order.

  • Replace damaged parts

Our qualified specialists will share with you any repairs needed, provide written estimates, and await your approval prior to doing any work. Our trucks are stocked and ready for immediate roller replacement, or other repairs.

  • Lubricate and adjust moving parts

Every garage door has metal moving parts that require lubrication. Our experts will ensure each component has the proper amount of lubrication – be it rollers, track, and springs, along with adjusting the system’s hinges, nuts, and bolts. Metal rollers require lubrication twice a year. However, doors that are often opened may need more. Nylon rollers, like those provided by Ohana Garage Doors, require no lubrication.

  • Run tests

The door is tested by opening and closing it many times once all services have been executed. No worries! The pros will only leave once your door is operating at peak efficiency.

Garage Door Roller Repair and Replacement in Katy, TX

You and your garage door can experience many, many trouble free years with routine maintenance and preventative care. That’s why, at Ohana Garage Door Repair, we give our full attention when inspecting all parts of your garage door on every service call.
With our premium garage door roller replacements, we can replace worn-out rollers and ensure your garage doors are properly balanced for better operation. High-quality services and client satisfaction are guaranteed!

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