What Causes Garage Door Springs To Break?

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What Causes Garage Door Springs To Break - Ohana Garage Door Repair

When was the last time you thought about the condition of your garage door springs? If you don’t want to pull up to your home after a long workday to find out that your garage door system won’t operate as you want it to, you must identify problems with major components like your door springs. So what causes your springs to break, and what can you do about it? With tips from the Ohana Garage Door team, we’ll help homeowners identify what causes garage door springs to break to keep hard-earned cash in their pockets for years to come.

Your Spring Reaches the End of Its Life Cycle

Sometimes wear and tear takes out your garage door springs, which is a fairly common occurrence. The lifespan of springs is measured in cycles, or the amount of times your door opens or closes. Springs usually last around 10,000 cycles, with some reaching as high as 15,000 cycles. So even if you only used your garage door once a day, that still equates to 730 cycles per year (and 732 on a leap year!) All those cycles add up, and when your spring reaches its limits, it will give way. 


A Buildup of Rust

Rust is a significant problem with all types of metal. When rust builds up on your springs, it causes friction on the coil, increasing the risk of spring failure. However, you can prevent buildups of rust and eventual spring repairs by lubricating your springs over time, which your local garage door experts can do during your maintenance schedules. 


A Lack of Adequate Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, one of the biggest keys to keeping any product running smoothly is maintaining it. This runs true for every component of your door. Regardless of what type of garage door you have, maintenance ensures that each part is in mint condition and keeps dust, dirt, and debris away. A lack of regular care increases friction and the amount of work your springs have to do. Make sure you’re checking up on your door at least once a year, especially during the winter months. Most homeowners report spring problems during the winter weather, so make sure your garage door maintenance service gives a look at your garage components during this time. 


Your Springs Aren’t Fit For Your Garage

Sometimes garage spring problems are caused by you not having the right springs! Your springs must be the exact size and length; otherwise, you’ll throw off the entire system’s operation. This can lead to excess strain on your spring that turns into a failure over a short period. Properly installed doors should have two torsion springs, as one spring often results in a shorter lifespan and increases the risk of severe damage when the spring eventually fails. Be sure to speak to a reputable garage door technician about the springs on your door to ensure they fit your door. 


Want to Prevent Your Springs From Breaking? Turn to the Experts at Ohana Garage Doors

If you know that your garage door springs are broken, don’t hesitate to get them repaired. Damaged springs can lead to many other problems, not to mention the dangers they present to people in and around the garage. Getting the most out of your new springs starts with who you choose to install them, and for homeowners looking for garage door springs in Texas, Ohana Garage Doors has everything you need. Call us today to schedule your repair appointment and get your door operating back at full capacity.

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