What Is A Carriage-Style Garage Door?


If you’ve ever had a garage door, chances are you’ve wondered about carriage-style doors. But, unfortunately, the name can confuse people and make them think it’s something it isn’t. Carriage doors have traditionally been associated with horse-drawn carriages, but today they’re more commonly used to provide shelter for cars and other vehicles.

A carriage-style garage door is the most popular type, mainly because of its ease of installation and lower cost. However, there are a lot more features that make carriage-style garage doors special.

What is a Carriage-style Garage Door?

A carriage-style garage door is a type of garage door that has two tracks on the floor. In addition, these doors can include a rolling mechanism, which moves up and down over rails. A typical carriage-style garage door has six panels, with two doors on each that open outwards. With these types of doors, you should use a stud finder to ensure your site is level, so there are no obstructions between the floor and the tracks on your garage door.

The doors to the carriage houses were initially built of wood, and they swung forward thanks to heavy-duty iron hinges supporting them at the sides. But nowadays, there’s no need to manually advance carriage-style garage doors because they have been modified for contemporary use. They now have the same roll-up function as modern sectional garage doors.

Although carriage-style doors no longer operate as they once did, they have the same classic look as carriage house doors. Modern carriage-style garage doors are often composed of steel or wood with vinyl or composite material overlays to give them the same vibe as the original ones.

The carriage garage door design takes after the old carriage homes, which housed carriages, horses, and servants who ran them. These structures were no longer necessary as engines replaced horse-drawn carriages. Although most families nowadays do not have carriage houses on their property, the classic architectural features of these distinctive structures have made a comeback in home design, notably in garage doors.

Carriage-style garage doors can be marked by remarkable characteristics, including their barn-like form and unique fittings. While there are numerous barn designs, most have natural wood finishes or crossbuck paneling that give the doors a stable-like impression. They can also include window designs or glass variations that attract more light into the garage. Moreover, carriage doors frequently feature decorative hardware, such as handles, in the center of the door for ornamental value.

What Materials are Used in a Carriage-style Garage Door?

1. Steel Carriage-style Garage Door

Most steel carriage-style garage doors contain sturdy, insulated steel panels featuring wood composite overlays, giving your house a unique and luxurious feel.

2. Wood Carriage-style Garage Door

Any home would look good with a carriage-style garage door made of natural wood. Several varieties of wood are available in the market to match your home’s design.

3. Faux Wood Carriage-style Garage Door

Fake wood, often known as wood composite, grants your door a premium look while requiring less upkeep.

4. Custom Carriage-style Garage Door

You may collaborate with suppliers to design a unique carriage-style garage door that fits your property. You can personalize whatever works best for your home.


What are the Benefits of Having a Carriage-style Garage Door?

While carriage-style garage doors may not always seem to be the most affordable option at first look, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are several means these distinctive garage doors can help you get a positive return on investment. The following are some significant benefits of carriage-style garage doors that prove they are worth the cost.

1. Carriage-style garage doors help boost your home’s security.

Most homeowners utilize their garages as secondary entrances to their houses or as storage spaces for their prized possessions. Therefore, ensuring that your house and garage are safe in almost any circumstance is essential. 

Carriage garage doors are completely reliable since they have multiple layers of protection. Most of these layers are around two inches thick, which allows them to withstand physical damage and makes it more difficult for attackers to get inside.

2. Carriage-style garage doors help increase curb appeal.

Owning a good garage door is important because it reflects your personality and sense of style. Carriage garage doors come in various types and are constructed of either premium wood or steel.

You may also customize the variety of handles, the volume, and the orientation of glass panels, and even add bespoke hinges for every carriage garage door. With carriage-style garage doors, the options are virtually limitless.

3. Carriage-style garage doors require less upkeep.

Homeowners would agree that the property’s care and maintenance can be costly and intimidating. However, the good news is that carriage-style garage doors typically require less upkeep.

Garage doors in the carriage style can be constructed of steel or wood. These materials can withstand fluctuating climates and poor weather conditions better since they are more versatile and resistant than other garage doors.


These doors always stay in style. It’s not a secret that carriage-style garage doors complement various architectural types. And other than their versatility and functionality, these doors also give an instant visual imprint on almost any home.

One thing is certain: carriage-style garage doors are an attractive addition to any home and should always be considered when replacing your garage door. After that, it’s just a matter of exploring carriage-style garage doors and determining whether or not they are the best option for you.

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