What is a “Rebuild” and why do I want one?

What is a Rebuild?

You may have been told you need a garage door rebuild, but what does that mean? To explain what it means and why it is an advantage to you to have one, we’ll start with a few facts:

  • There are dozens of moving parts to a garage door.
  • These parts wear down over time.
  • Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home.
  • Your garage door can weigh between 130lbs. (single wide) and up to 400 lbs. (double wide insulated)

Usually it is the spring that will be the first part to wear out. Daily usage, and changes in temperature throughout the year cause the metal to weaken and eventually break. This can take as long as 15 years depending on your situation, but we’ve seen springs pop in as little as 5 years, but that’s another story.

Assuming your spring makes it to 10 years, and you only open your garage door twice a day, that’s 7300 times that door has opened and closed. That’s 7300 times each moving part has done it’s job. If at 10 years the spring breaks, chances are high that in another year or two something else is going to wear out and break. Simply replacing the spring doesn’t guarantee another 10 years of trouble free performance.

When your door is new, it starts life all fresh and well lubricated. Parts are aligned just right and nothing is grinding against other parts. In this state, the garage door may feel like it weighs 5 lbs and takes minimal effort to open and close (by hand), or your garage door opener is effortlessly whisking the door up and down.

However, over time doors and tracks get bumped or smacked around (sometimes quite hard), and areas once well lubricated have collected grit and dirt. This can be compounded by using the wrong lubricant when providing yearly maintenance (fyi- do not use WD40!), or by over lubricating (it happens), or even worse not doing any maintenance. Over time, parts wear out just through every day use. Now the shiny new door that was once effortlessly whisked open requires a bit more muscle. It may feel heavier and over the course of 10 years, this change may have been slow and imperceptible.

What’s the fix? A Rebuild.

In a Rebuild we replace the entire torsion system – springs, bearings, drums, rollers, cables, and torsion tube, and we properly lubricate all other moving parts. What you now have is a garage door that operates like a new, because all your main components are new. Your door can once again be effortlessly whisked open. Our Rebuilds include a lifetime warranty so you never have to worry about the operation of your door again.

If you were thinking you might have to buy a new door, a rebuild is a great, less costly alternative, especially if your door cosmetically still looks good.

And an operator reinforcement bracket – what is that?

Chances are you do not already have an operator reinforcement bracket.
An operator reinforcement bracket works in conjunction with your garage door opener by distributing the force of the weight across an 18″-21″ span rather than by the isolated 2″ span of your current bracket. The advantage is less stress on the top panel, and minimizing the risk of pulling the bracket out. It’s a huge advantage if you have an insulated, steel back, or wood door.

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