When the Temperature Drops, Garage Doors Springs POP!

broken garage door springs


You might have heard a loud BANG coming from the garage but didn’t know what it was, or came home to find the door just wouldn’t open or only opened a smidge. Chances are your garage door spring has broken.

Garage door springs eventually wear out, and when that happens they need replacing. Not just any ol’ spring can be slapped up there to open the door, there is actually a mathematical formula for choosing and properly winding garage door springs. Our trained technicians at Ohana Garage Doors know this. Springs are chosen specifically for the size of and weight of your garage door, then wound using the formula to ensure the longest life possible from your springs.

Our Standard garage door springs are rated at a minimum of 20k cycles, while our Lifetime garage door springs are rated anywhere from 80k to 110k cycles. What is a cycle? I’m glad you asked. Every time the garage door opens and closes, that’s one cycle.

So depending on your usage you may get as much as 10 or 15 years out of a Standard garage door spring. If you use your garage door like a front door, Lifetime garage door springs may be a better option. Standard garage door springs are warrantied for 4 years, while Lifetime garage door springs are warrantied for life. If either break during the warranty period, both are replaced (if it is a two spring system), you only pay the service call.

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