Why Garage Door Springs Break

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A garage door can weigh several hundred pounds depending on its thickness, size, and materials used. Fortunately it is the garage door springs that make lifting easier by evenly balancing the weight of the door. Typically found above the garage door, they assist in the opening and closing of the door. Consequently if one of these breaks, it can be potentially hazardous for the homeowner, and quite a challenge to fix without professional help.  

There are a few reasons why garage door springs break and fortunately, some of them are avoidable. Let’s take a look at these causes below.


Deteriorate Or Wear Out Over Time

Garage door springs tend to break due to the force they experience over time. Because the springs are responsible for lifting and lowering your garage door when it opens and closes, they are prone to wear and tear that finally leads to failure.

About 10,000 cycles are the normal lifespan of a torsion spring. Your garage door springs can deteriorate more rapidly if you frequently open and close the door throughout the day whether it is to run the kids to school, run errands, or if you utilize your garage for storage that requires frequent equipment retrieval or putting things inside.


Rust Accumulation

Rust buildup can limit the life of the springs and make them vulnerable to breaking. Steel becomes brittle and weak as a result of rust. This can cause springs to snap or fall apart. Rust increases coil friction which also contributes to spring rupture.

Rust on garage door springs is very prominent in humid or moist climates. Thus, when you live in a climate like this, it is worth it to invest money in high-quality springs. Spraying a lubricant on the coil at least every twelve will help stop spring breakage due to corrosion and prevent rust from developing, while also keeping it lubricated.


Lack of Maintenance

Although garage door springs will eventually break, routine maintenance can extend the system’s life. One of the most important elements of appropriate maintenance is lubrication. At least once a year it is advised to have a skilled professional lubricate the springs, hinges, bearings, tracks and rollers, while checking for signs of wear, and checking for and correcting the balance of the garage door.


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Poorly Executed Installations

It can be enticing to hire someone who seems to know what they’re doing to install your new garage door springs; however this practice is risky. If you hire a non-professional to replace your springs, there is always a possibility that he would utilize substandard materials to maximize his profit margins.

Not knowing and guessing the proper number of times to wind a spring is a common error in poorly executed garage door spring replacements. Over-winding or under-winding can strain the garage door opener or stress the spring so that they prematurely fail. Garage door spring repairs and maintenance should be carried out by experts who have the deep knowledge and the right equipment to do the task correctly. 

When you employ a non-professional it’s unlikely you will receive a warranty, or if there is a problem, that warranty is upheld. When choosing a garage door repair company, you want to go with a professional company that is insured, and will stand behind their work. 


Improper Use of Springs

Utilizing incorrect spring size is another reason garage door springs break. For a normal two-car garage door, two torsion springs (one on each side of the door) is the proper set up. Some installers will use one long single spring, which is okay for light-weight doors, but is not suitable for most standard doors.

Two springs that are properly sized for the weight of your specific door, using the correct IPPT formula, is the preferred method when replacing garage door springs. This allows for an even weight distribution which increases the lifespan of both the door and the springs, and is much safer. A single spring not only has a more limited lifespan, but because failure can happen at any time, there is the increased risk of human and property damage.



If the garage door is insulated, garage door springs are more protected, however they are not immune to weather related breakage. As the temperature drops and the weather gets chilly, the chance of your garage door springs breaking increases. The springs can break when coiled steel turns cold and is put under a great deal of pressure.

People in colder climates might need to adjust their garage door springs more often than someone who lives in a warmer climate. Regardless of your climate, installing solid steel springs with a high life cycle is a great way to maximize your investment because they just last longer. Ohana Garage Doors uses only high cycle oil tempered steel springs with a minimum of 60,000 cycles.


Ways to Extend Garage Door Springs and Avoid Unexpected Problems

Here are some tips to avoid garage door springs from unexpectedly breaking:

Lubricate Once Or Twice A Year

You should maintain your garage door’s springs to keep them from breaking unexpectedly. We recommend applying a petroleum-based lubricant such as National 400 to lubricate the springs as part of routine maintenance. Spray once or twice across the springs in a straight line for an even coating, making sure to wipe off any excess. Regular yearly maintenance helps extend your springs and also allows you to observe the condition of the spring over time, so you can be forewarned when the spring might be ready to fail.

Hire A Pro

To ensure that your springs are at the proper tension, they should be inspected once a year and adjusted as needed. Checking and adjusting the balance can be tricky, especially knowing how many turns to add to the tension, or to remove. This is best suited for the garage door professionals at Ohana Garage Doors who are thoroughly trained in proper garage door spring replacement, tune ups, and care. They can observe your springs and let you know when it might be heading towards the end of its lifespan.


The Bottomline

Garage door springs will inevitably break. Purchasing a higher quality spring stretches your investment, saving you money over time. You can extend the life even longer by regularly performing maintenance and adjusting the springs as needed (this is very common), this also makes your opener last longer. When you hire the professionals at Ohana Garage Doors you will receive top customer service by people who really care about your door and your home

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