Why You Need to Leave It to the Pros for Garage Spring Repair

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Thanks to Youtube, millions of people have become inspired to complete DIY projects around the house. But unlike trying to change your car’s oil or sew your own placemats, DIY garage repairs can be very dangerous.

Read on to learn why garage spring repair in Katy, TX, should be left to the experts. 

Lack of Training

Many people mistakenly think that a garage door is a simple device. While a lot of garage door maintenance is something you can do yourself, it takes training to know how to avoid injury.

Garage door technicians are often trained by the garage door manufacturer and the garage door company. They come to do repairs armed with extensive training, the right equipment, and experience. 

With overhead garage doors, all steps must be done in the proper order. Garage door spring replacement and repair are among the most dangerous garage door repairs. If not done correctly, you could be seriously injured or killed. 

Repairing garage doors, particularly replacing torsion springs, is dangerous work. It’s best to leave it to the pros. 

Safety Risks

Each year, 30,000 injuries are caused by garage doors in the United States. Another 500,000 people are injured every year from falling off ladders at home or on farms.

Whenever you do DIY garage door repairs, you are combining your ladder risk with garage door risk. It is not easy to balance a garage door in the ideal position, especially while on a ladder.

Also, a garage door easily weighs well over 100 pounds. Physics teaches us that a falling object’s impact is its mass multiplied by the height of fall and acceleration due to gravity.

So those 100+ pounds can crush you with the force that could crumple the hood of a car. Imagine what it could do to you or your pet. 

The bottom line is, DIY garage repairs and even garage door spring installation are too risky to attempt.

Why Is Garage Door Spring Injury Common? 

There are two types of springs on an overhead garage door.  

Extension springs are long and skinny. These run parallel to the door’s horizontal tracks. These springs stretch when the door opens. 

The other type of spring in a garage door is torsion springs. A garage door can have one to four of these springs, depending on the size and weight of the door.

Torsion springs are heavy, wide, metal springs located on a metal shaft above the door opening. These springs are under a lot of tension.

Working with springs under this much tension comes with serious risk. Metal can fly at your face if a spring or winding bar breaks. Minor or severe cuts to fingers and hands while in proximity to the springs is also common.

Then there is the risk of falling doors, or doors being activated by the door opener, while the door is not secured. 

Hire A Garage Door Repair Professional for Garage Spring Repair 

Thanks for reading. We hope this article on the risks of garage spring repair has made you reconsider DIY garage door repairs.

Remember, the cost for materials to replace springs are usually less than the cost of hiring a professional, you also have to account for your time spent trying to figure out how to do the job, and add to that the risk to your safety, and it’s just not worth doing it yourself.

At Ohana Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on our honest, reliable, quality workmanship on our garage door services.

Schedule a service with us and see why we have a 5.0-star rating.

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