types of garage door openers

Your Guide to the Different Types of Garage Door Openers

There are many reasons why you may want to replace your garage door opener, and when it’s time to choose, you’ll want to be informed on what your options are.

It’s best to choose a garage door opener that is powerful enought to open your garage door, so selecting the right opener for your door is key. Noise is another factor to consider, as not all garage door openers are equal in that regard. Longevity is another concern, however a garage door opener installed today should last between 10 and 15 years with normal use and maintenance.

Keep reading to learn about a few of the different types of garage door openers and how to choose the right one for your home.


Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

One of the oldest pieces of technology in terms of garage door openers is the chain drive opener, but just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s inferior. While a 3/4 HP opener can lift a 300 pound door (chain drive or belt-drive), it’s the balance of the door that makes it possible, not the type of opener. However a chain drive garage door opener can handle even the heaviest doors on the market. It is thepowerhouse of the three options here.

By keeping your garage door and opener well maintained, a chain drive garage door opener will remain in top condition. While the chain drive tends to be one of the least expensive options on the market, it can be fairly noisy, so be sure your bedroom is on the other side of the house if you’re choosing a chain drive!


Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

When your bedroom is close to the garage, you’re going to want an automatic garage door opener that is much quieter. A belt drive garage door opener is the best option because there is no metal on metal action that creates the excessive noise. 

In the past, a belt drive garage door openers was targeted as the “most espensive option”, however now the price difference is negliable. The difference can be a little as $10-$15 between a professional grade chain drive or professional grade belt drive opener. 

When balanced correctly, a belt drive opener can pull as much as a chain drive opener. However if your door is made of all wood, a chain drive may be the best option to handle that extra weight.

Most current custom doors are fairly light weight, with the exception of the all wood doors, so if you were considering a custom garage door but were concerned a belt drive garage door opener was not an option RELAX. This is your offical green light to go ahead an build that custom garage door and get the quieter belt drive opener.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Last on our list is a screw drive garage door opener. It has fewer moving parts than the belt drive but needs to be maintained more frequently than a chain drive. The screw drive is loudest of all the options. 

Due to the design of the screw drive opener you’ll enjoy fast speeds when you open your garage door, and if your garage is smaller, screw drive openers are a great option because they don’t take up as much space.

The major downside to this type of opener is that they are costly. However their simplicity make it a good choice for a DIYer. As long as you are consistent with yearly maintenance, it will serve you well. 


“There are so many types of garage door openers, which one is right for me?”

With the different types of garage door openers out there we know it can be hard to choose. At the end of the day, most of our homeowners prefer a belt drive garage door opener, however your needs may lean towards a chain or screw drive.

If you’re ready to get a new garage door opener installed, contact us today! We’ve been helping residents in the West Houston area enjoy the convenience and security a new quieter garage door opener offers, and we can’t wait to help you too!